Overcoming adversity - Will's Honda CX500

Why is it that when you really want to focus on something life throws a constant stream of distractions at you? Industrial designer Will Nicholson had his heart set on building a custom Honda CX500. Despite having every intention to get it done the universe had other plans. Multiple house moves and job changes did their best to slow his progress, but Will soldiered on. After working out of multiple garages, on living room floors and in friends backyards his dedication prevailed and the result speaks for itself.

Riding Gear - Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet

The Biltwell 'Lane Splitter' is the newest addition to the aftermarket suppliers range of riding gear. The Lane Splitter is the second full face helmet in the Biltwell range and blends elements of modern sportbike helmet construction with a design inspired by top fuel drag racers of the '80s. This time round Biltwell has stepped things up by securing DOT and ECE safety standard certification for the new helmets which we hope they'll also be applying to the Gringo S in the near future.

Dirty Deed - Husqvarna Cafe Racer

As far as dirt bikes go the Husqvarna TE510 was a well-respected package. Alongside its two-stroke brethren, it may have felt like a tamer machine, but that big 4 stroke single was just as capable of providing plenty of off-road entertainment. What really made it stand out from the crowd though was that fact that it wore indicators. As a dual-sport motorcycle, the Husky gave its owner the ability to ride from driveway to off road track and home again. It was essentially a street legal dirt bike.

Let's say you're not into off-road riding but find yourself the new owner of one of these wild rides. Would you trade it in for something else or would you look for a way to make it better suited to your riding style?

Godless - Ask Motorcycles Buell XB

This story first appeared in Tank Moto issue 12.

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured a build by Japan’s Ask Motorcycles. After meeting workshop owner Rad Yamamoto at the Mooneyes Yokohama Hot Rod Show in 2012 we struck up a friendship. Then in 2014, I arranged to have his beautiful ’61 Triumph 3TA grace the pages of Tank Moto issue 4. In October of 2015, I was lucky enough to head over to Tokyo again and spent a day with Rad and his mates. We visited his modest Ask Motorcycles workshop in Fujisawa (an hour south of Tokyo’s centre), took in some local sights and, of course, a few beers. At the time he disclosed details of a new project that was going to be his 2016 Mooneyes project saying ‘it will be a very different build for me’ and I headed home excited to see what he had in store.

Penny Racer - Kickstart Garage CB160

This story begins with a phone call from an old friend. He was looking to clear out some project bikes that had been collecting dust in his garage for some time. I (Kick Start Garage owner Craig Marleau) wasted no time heading to his place and a few hours later, found myself returning to the workshop with a pair of sorry looking of Honda CB160s. The big question now was what should I do with them?

German Superstar - Hammer Kraftrad R9T

It's one thing to build a bike for a paying customer, but creating a custom motorcycle for a celebrity must be one of the most stressful projects a builder can undertake. Firstly there's the pressure of making sure your high profile client is happy with the job, then there's the fact that it's likely to end up gracing the pages of newspapers and gossip mags across the country. Get it wrong and they'll all be pointing out its faults, get it right and it could be the best bit of advertising your business will ever get. Despite this, Michael Hammer of Hammer Kraftrad in Northern Bavaria speaks of his BMW R nineT build for German actor Hardy Krüger Jr. as if it were just another day at the office.

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