Plasma Customs BMW R65

Every so often a custom motorcycle appears in my inbox that is so unique it stops me in my tracks. In a world where everyone wants to be unique and to stand out it's amazing how many copycat or "influenced" builds are being completed, so to have something really different appear is a special treat. What makes this particular build even more unique, and is perhaps the reason it's so different, is that it was built by a guy who usually turn spanners on pedal powered bikes. Venetian Alessandro Rorato of Plasma Custom Cycles is a design schooled, two wheeled enthusiast with a skill set that includes custom painting and metal fabrication. Working out of his grandfathers old blacksmithing workshop he builds custom bicycles and has just recently completed this custom BMW R65 he calls "Porn Attitude".

iPhone 6 Champion Deluxe

If you're looking to protect your iPhone 6 with a case that professes your love of classic custom motorcycles and hot rods check out these 'Champion Deluxe' cases from 100mph. Designed to look just like Firestone's classic tread pattern the cases are constructed from hard wearing, protective silicone that'll keep your brittle iPhone 6 clean and safe. Along one edge you'll find the CHAMPION DELUXE text, just like you'd find on the tires. The tread even has the mold knobs you'd find on new tyres which will wear down slowly over time! The cases sell for $19.95 each (Aussie Dollars) and you can buy one by clicking here.

Busch and Busch Yamaha DT400 enduro

No sooner had the doors of the 2015 One Motorcycle Show closed for another year, than the brothers Busch and Busch hit me up with their contribution to the show. The Busch portfolio is a mix of custom v-twin beasts and retro off road classics and it was the the venerable Yamaha DT400 that became the focus of their latest project. While it may look very little like Yamaha had originally conceived it the brothers paid careful attention to making sure this DT400 was as functional as it is good looking.

2015 Yamaha XJR1300 Racer

I've been covering the Yamaha Yardbuilt series of custom bikes for some time now and have really enjoyed the projects they've collaborated on. If you follow Return of the Cafe Racers on Instagram you may have noticed that I was recently invited by Yamaha to attend the global launch of the 2015 Yamaha XJR1300 Racer in Sydney. The XJR1300 Racer is Yamaha's newest addition to its "Sport Heritage" series where it joins the SR400 and the XV950 'Bolt'. The XJR1300 Racer is a variation of the standard XJR1300 with design features inspired by current trends is the custom motorcycle, much like BMW's R Nine T. A few days ago I jumped on a plane and met up with the other bloggers and journalists invited to the launch where we were treated to 3 fun days getting to know the 2015 XJR1300.

Icon 1000 New Jack and Old Ghost

My favourite ongoing series of custom motorcycle builds has just added 2 new "Retrograde Engineered" beasts to their line up. The Icon 1000 "New Jack" and "Old Ghost' have been unveiled at the 2015 One Motorcycle Show in Portland and they're making eighties motorcycle styling cool again. Based on two of the most iconic sports bikes of their time, the Suzuki Katana and the Kawasaki GPZ900R Ninja each of the bikes are packed with highly functional custom tweaks, cool design upgrades and the usual spattering of Icon tongue in cheek humour.

TBC Steven Project CB750

Custom motorcycle builds usually start out as an idea, but more often than not ideas change. While these changes usually come about because of a lack of funds, time limitations or perhaps unavailability of parts the 'Steven Project' Honda CB750 came about because of a heartbreaking accident. Tim Bradham was on the look out for a bike to build into the next TBC Works shop bike. Searching on Craigslist for an affordable donor he stumbled across a stock CB750 for the right price. Tim contacted the seller and what he then discovered changed his shop bike idea into a heartfelt dedication to a fallen rider.

Atom Bomb Ducati 900SS

I've got a real soft spot for alloy. It looks great brushed or polished, it's super light and can be manipulated into almost any shape you can come up with. I'm also a fan of track proven, custom bikes and the 900SS 'Eleven' by Atom Bomb customs just happens to tick both of those boxes. Built in 2014 it's a new direction for Clay Rathburn of Atom Bomb Custom Motorcycles. His previous builds consist of mainly Triumph or Harley powered bikes, but that didn't stopped him from creating one hell of a custom Ducati 900SS Cafe Racer.

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