Sage Rage Triumph Thruxton

I'm a sucker for retro fairings. I'm obsessed with Honda's legendary CR750 and the TT race bikes of the seventies so I'm always on the lookout for modern customs that take styling cues from that era. One of the latest such builds to pop up on my radar while trawling through my instagram feed was this striking sage green beast. It's the work of Mike Sadler of Division Motorworks in Canada and the bikes owner, Patrick McGregor. Sporting a Dunstall style fairing and an intriguing colour scheme this is one Triumph Thruxton that most certainly stands out from the rest.

Born Motor Co Monohull

After 3 years working for motorcycle manufacturers in Shanghai, Marc and his wife Marta returned to their home in Barcelona, Spain to pursue a dream. Leveraging their knowledge of the motorcycle industry and their contacts in the east the two launched their own motorcycle brand under the name of Born Motor Co. Now 2 years later, using donor bikes imported from Chinese manufacturers, Born Motor Co. produces a series of over-the-counter custom builds that in their own words are "high quality deconstructed, limited edition motorcycles for everyday use and unlimited fun!".

Red Sun CB750 by 7seven Custom

Honda's mighty CB750 four paved the way for modern motorcycle design and has been heralded as one of the "Greatest Motorcycles Ever Made". With such a colourful history it's easy to see why they've become so popular as a base for customisation. With their classic retro looks and seemingly unlimited potential for custom modification the K series CB's have been getting a lot of attention from builders around the world. With popularity comes price increase so the K's are becoming rather hard to acquire, but if you jump a few years ahead in the CB750 model range to the F series you'll find a much more affordable alternative with improved technology and reliability.

Lakic Honda CX500 GTS

Just when I thought I'd see as many custom Honda CX500's as I could stomach, along comes a build so beautifully executed that it has me asking for more! From the award winning studio of furniture, interior and automotive designer, Sacha Lakic come this incredible build that transforms Honda's early 80's 'plastic maggot' of the into a sleek, modern Cafe Racer. Named the CX500 GTS after the team involved in the project (Georges, Theirry and Sacha) the CX celebrates everything Sacha loves about Honda's original design and his attention to detail is impeccable.

Pop Bang Suzuki GSX250

Australia's Gold Coast averages 245 days of fine, sunny weather each year. Combine those awesome weather conditions with a picture perfect coastline, tropical forests and plenty of well maintained roads and you've pretty much created a motorcyclists wet dream. One builder who's been servicing the custom needs of the Gold Coasts privileged riding community for the past 4 years is Justin Holmes who is the owner/operator of 'PopBang Classics'. Justin's a multidisciplinary builder with years of experience in spray painting, mechanics, engineering and fabrication and he builds everything from classic Brit based choppers to retro Japanese cafe racers. One of his latest creations is this tidy little '81 Suzuki GSX250 and I've got the scoop from the man himself about how it all came together...

Wasted Years Husqvarna WR360

Sometimes just having a go at something is all it takes. You might not be the best in your field, or perhaps it's just that you don't have what it takes to compete with the pros, but at least you'll be able to say you were there, you had a go and you have a lasting memory to savour. Lorenzo Buratti is a big believer in giving things a go and he's off to the 2015 Bonneville Speed Week to show the nesayers and procrastinators what they're missing out on...

Numbnut XJR1300 Botafogo-N

Yamaha are churning out their Yardbuilt bikes in 2015 thanks to some clever partnerships with talented builders around the globe. As they promised at the XJR1300 launch earlier this year here's yet another custom XJR that's transformed the factory bike into a retro racing inspired ride. This time they've partnered with Amsterdam based Numbnut Motorcycles who took their inspiration for the build and the bikes name from the 21.7 litre engined, 1917 Fiat 'Botafogo Special'.

Today is a Good Day Cafe Racer documentary

Here on the interwebs we're spoilt when it comes to accessing high quality images of custom motorcycles, but when it comes to seeing said bikes in action it seems we're limited to home video style Youtube movies or a few branded vids from the big manufacturers. Then along comes a group of people with the passion and the skills to fill that gap. Usually words like "immersive" and "interactive" do little to excite me, but when those words are applied to a Cafe Racer theme I'm all ears. I was recently contacted by Arnaud Richard who is part of a team who are working to release a Cafe Racer interactive web-documentary titled 'Today is a Good Day'. The project involves interviewing some of the most influential characters in the Cafe Racer scene right now and their chasing funding via Kickstarter to finish it off and hopefully turn the whole project into a full length feature film. I had a quick chat with Arnaud about the project and about how we can all help to see it come to fruition...

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