Retro Six - Vintage Addiction Yamaha R6

Looking back over a few of our recent features it seems that building retro customs out of modern sports bikes could be the next big trend in motorcycle customisation. The 80s and 90s were all about speed. Manufacturers were ferociously battling it out for the title of fastest street bike in both acceleration and top speed and it led to the development of some truly iconic motorcycles. Suzuki released their insanely fast and bizarrely styled Hayabusa, Kawasaki made it into the Guiness Book of Records with their ZX-10 and Yamaha released their ‘King of the Street’ R1. Now, more than a decade on you can occasionally find one of these road weapons at a bargain basement price, which presents an interesting opportunity for an adventurous customiser.

Smooth Operator - Scales Studio CB750K

Last time we heard from Trever Scales of Scales Studio in Texas he’d just completed his Benelli racer inspired Yamaha RD250. Trever and his business partner, known only as “One with Enigma”, have past careers that saw them building show cars for the likes of Mercedes Benz so there’s been no shortage of customer projects at their shop. Amongst the classic four wheeled projects, they complete an occasional motorcycle makes its way into the mix, just like this ’78 CB750k.

Kando - Cafe Racer SSpirit XSR700

As anyone who works in advertising will tell you, the key to winning a project is having a good pitch. When Yamaha Yardbuilt contacted Hugo López and the crew at Cafe Racer SSpirit in Spain they knew they'd have to put something special together to outshine their competition. A 25-page document explaining their concept for a Yardbuilt XSR700 build was the clincher. As impressive as the document must have been though, it's the end result that really dazzles.

Big Red - KTM Café Racer

"I’ve discovered I love building bikes almost as much as I like riding them!" - Joe Loss. 

Joe's disorder is one that many of us can relate to. You start out riding motorcycles as a form of transport for a bit of fun, and end up spending all your spare time tinkering on them. Joe popped his custom building cherry with a Moto Guzzi 1000SP cafe racer followed closely by a Scrambler styled BMW R100 airhead. With 2 impressive bike builds under his belt it was only a matter of time until he went for the trifecta.

Celebrating Speed - Plan B Motorcycles Benelli 512M

"Let me start by saying that this is not a restoration and it's not a replica either. Nor is it a proper tribute, but more like a celebration of a very important and iconic machine. The Ferrari 512M Endurance car was a milestone in racing technology which I have represented in this two-wheeled machine."

These are the words of Christian Moretti, the man behind Plan B motorcycles in Northern Italy. The motorcycle he is referring to is his Benelli '512M' and the following is his account of how this awesome bike came to be.

Riding Gear - 1SELF Genesys Jacket

If you do something, do it right” 

It’s the perfect mantra for a brand who manufacture apparel that’s designed to keep you safe while you ride your motorcycle. 1SELF are a motorcycle apparel company dedicated to improving safety by leveraging the latest in safety technology. Their products are manufactured in small numbers to ensure the utmost level of quality and are designed to suit riders of any style. The Genesys riding jacket represents 5 years of design, testing and development and the result is a jacket packed with more safety features than any we’ve seen before it.

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