Straight Street - Purpose Built Sol Invictus Nemesis

It can be tough for a new brand to establish themselves with consumers, especially in the “affordable” automotive market. When I had just finished my secondary education a new car manufacturer appeared on the market that went by the name of Hyundai. The car they hoped to tap into the Australian market with was the Excel and it was met with mix emotions. While many people jumped at the opportunity to own a low-cost car others, often vocally, avoided them like the plague. In Hyundai’s case the Excel was their test bed and while it can be said that certain aspects of the early Excel were a ‘you get what you pay for’ scenario they served a purpose and fulfilled a market need. Now years later Hyundai sit comfortably alongside the likes of Toyota and Ford.

The same scenario could be applied to Sol Invictus Motorcycles but it’s still early days for this fledgeling manufacturer. As far as affordability goes their motorcycles are some the cheapest around but are they any good? To find out we sat down with Tom John of Queensland’s Purpose Built Moto to hear about his experience customising a Sol Invictus ‘Nemesis’.

Riding Gear - 78 Sakura Gloves

High-end fashion for your fingers. There's no denying riding apparel has come a long way in the last decade. From manufacturing processes through to materials and especially design the whole industry has upped its game and England's 78 Motor Co. have just raised the bar again. Their 'Sakura' motorcycle gloves are quite possibly the best-looking gloves on the market and that's exactly what they were aiming for.

Duke Redux - Barn Built Bikes SS1000DS

It’s not often we get to revisit a past project. We are all so focused on the future that we forget about the great things we’ve done in the past. Back in 2015, Sven Decoux’s 900SS graced the pages of Return of the Cafe Racers and since then he’s amassed an impressive portfolio of custom builds at his Barn Built Bikes workshop.

Sven’s latest build is a direct descendant of that 900SS and was commissioned by a customer who saw the story here on our site. “Can you build me a similar bike, but with technical upgrades and a Tricolore colour-scheme?” was the customers request and Sven gladly accepted.

Indo Style - 2017 Kustomfest Show

2017 marked Return of the CafĂ© Racers fourth trip to Jogjakarta for Indonesia’s premiere custom culture show, Kustomfest. Along with Luke Ray from Fuel Magazine, I was honoured to once again attended the show as a special guest. Kustomfest takes place in Jogjakarta, a city on the island of Java that’s 700kms west of Indonesia’s best known holiday destination, Bali. With motorcycles being the primary mode of transport for a large percentage of the countries inhabitants the Kustomfest show continues to be a very welcome addition to the thriving Indonesian custom scene.

Riding Gear - Scorpion Covert 3-in-1 Helmet

Hot on the heels of the Star Wars 'The Last Jedi’ movie comes this Empire-esque helmet from US riding gear manufacturer, Scorpion. The white Scorpion Covert helmet is the latest addition to the Covert range and if you’re a fan of the movies or simply want to express your dark side this is the helmet you’ve been waiting for.

Riding Gear - REV'IT Millburn Jacket

With winter well underway in the northern hemisphere, any time out on your motorcycle requires specialised gear. So if you’re planning on braving the cold you’ll need a well-insulated riding jacket like the Millburn from REV’IT. Taking styling cues from military jackets the Millburn is a poly/cotton twill jacket packed with features designed to keep you warm and protected while you tackle the elements.

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