De Palma Cycles Punk CB750

Punk isn't the first thing that comes to mind when relating music genres to motorcycles. Considering the Punk aesthetic and attitude, motorcycles seem like the perfect match, but until now I haven't seen many custom motorcycles that merge the 2 styles. Barcelnoa based designer Gregorio Fern├índez has set up an offshoot of his Punk inspired fashion brand Gori de Palma to do exactly that. De Palma Cycles is his Barcelona based workshop that merges his love for vintage motorcycles with Punk style and the first bike to roll out of the workshop is the CB750 "DE PALMA 01".

Double Barrel Garage CX500 Spike

Honda's Moto Guzzi-esque CX500 has been enjoying a huge resurgence in the custom scene. It seems that ever since the Wrenchmonkees unveiled their custom CX500 in 2011 the CX's popularity has skyrocketed. So much so that here in Australia getting your hands on a well priced, clean example has become quite a challenge. This CX500 Cafe Racer styled beast is the work of Max Hughes of Double Barrel Garage in Sydney. I hit Max up after stumbling across his bike on the gram...that's what the kids are calling it these days...and he shared the story of its build with me.

Ellaspede Dust Hustle

With the increased popularity of custom motorcycles comes with it a new found interest in motorcycle racing. While there's nothing new about Flat Track racing (hell it's one of the oldest forms of racing being around since the 1920s) there's been an interesting twist added to it which has attracted a whole new generation of potential racers. While the events are all a bit tongue in cheek and more fun than competitive it's always great to see riders having a crack at matter how ridiculous it may be. Forged by the crew at Sideburn magazine "Dirt Quake" was the first "anything goes" Flat Track event of its kind and it's spawned several copycat style events around the globe, including one held by the crew at Ellaspede here in Australia called the "Dust Hustle". The Dust Hustle attracted a huge group of both riders and spectators and the whole crazy, dirty mess was captured on video...check it out...

Dapper Rat XS750 Cafe Racer

Shaft driven motorcycles have been around since the early 1900's, but Yamaha's shaft driven debut didn't come until the late seventies. The shaft driven XS750 triple was one of the first and was released as an affordable motorcycle designed to appeal to a younger audience who were drawn to European styling. Between 1976 and 1979 Yamaha sold around 150,000 XS750's and Cycle World Magazine listed it as one of the top 10 motorcycles of its time. Despite being 40 years old Matt Schindler at Dapper Rat Motorcycles figured the XS750 still had plenty of appeal and thanks to some well executed upgrades managed to turn it into one hell of a sexy Cafe Racer.

The Automator Puch Magnum

As I'm sure anyone who has built a custom motorcycle would concur, things don't always turn out as originally planned. Whether it's a part that wasn't compatible, a performance modification that did the opposite to what it was supposed to or a body piece that just wouldn't fit, these hurdles are intrinsic to every build. Now consider how much more often this happens when a customer is involved. Although it may sound frustrating and time consuming, which it is, it can produce great results. When Austin Tremellen of Rouge Builds began building 'The Automator' for his customer they never thought it would turn out this way, but they were both very happy that it did.

Tannermatic Ducati Monster

If you consider yourself to be into custom motorcycles and you haven't heard of Walt Seigl then you're not really into custom motorcycles (sorry). However if you haven't heard of Matt Tanner and his workshop Tannermatic you can be forgiven...but not for much longer. Matt's been working with Walt for a while now building composite parts for his stunning Ducati's. With 17 years of boatbuilding experience in his back pocket and a passion for design and motorcycle racing it was only a matter of time before Matt decided to piece together a custom creation of his own and the result is very impressive.

Tobacco Motorwear Kevlar Lined Jeans

Tobacco Motorwear Company is on a mission out to evolve protective riding gear. Their recent Kickstarter campaign has caught the attention, and enthusiasm, of riders around the world looking for better looking riding gear. Their selvedge denim jeans are not only lined with flesh saving Kevlar, but actually look good, if not better than your average normal jeans.

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