How to kill a cat at Glemseck 101

There's an intriguing rivalry about to take place at Glemseck 101 on September 6. Thanks to its success in previous years the Lucky Cat Garage​ Sprintbeemer has become the bike to beat during the events 1/8th mile sprint races. Séb Lorentz of Lucky Cat Garage has remained unbeaten since his bike first attended the event and 8 combatants have now accepted the challenge to try and knock him off his podium. It's a challenge that necessitates speed, power and style and it's going to make for one hell of a show.

Johnnie Wash BMW R Nine T

Despite knowing there are some incredible things happening in the custom motorcycle scene in other parts of the world it can often be difficult to access them. One place I know has an incredible scene is Brazil, but despite this I've featured very few builds from that part of the planet. Thankfully the internet is continuing to offer up ways of overcoming language and location barriers and awesome builds like this custom R Nine T are finding their way onto the site. This BMW aptly named 'Brown' is the work of Ricardo Medrano who manages Johnnie Wash workshop in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The bike is part of a custom series produced to meet the growing demand for custom bikes in Sao Paulo and it's one of the best R Nine T builds I've seen so far.

Tristan's pepper white Honda CX500

I've been following the Stories of Bike video series since it began and had the pleasure of meeting its creator Cam Elkins and working with him on a few episodes. A while back I noticed he posted a photo of a rather tidy looking CX500 on his Instagram feed and had to find out more. As it turned out the bike belonged to Cam's brother Tristan who painstakingly pieced the CX500 together over 14 long months, using limited funds and shed time to get it done. Cam snapped off these great photos and was kind enough to coax the story of it's creation out of Tristan for you all to enjoy. As Tristan explains it "Literally blood, sweat and tears went into this bike build" and all I can say is that it was well worth it.

Valtoron La Bulla BMW K1600

It's not often we see big touring bikes being given the custom treatment. There's been a handful of Honda Goldwings appear on these pages in the past, but this is most certainly the first BMW K1600 I've ever featured. The K1600 is what BMW refer to as a "high-class tourer". On the BMW Motorrad website they use phrases like "maximum riding pleasure" and "luxury freed of ballast", but beneath all that ergonomic excess and load bearing bodywork (capable carrying half a ton of passengers and gear!) is a beast of a bike. It took one visionary rider and one incredibly talented custom workshop to release the beast within the K1600 and the result is what they call "La Bulla". That workshop was of course the studio/foundry of the Delgado brothers who own and operate Valtoron Motorcycles in Madrid, Spain.

Kalup Triumph Speed Triple R Slaves

"We are fetishists.
 We worship speed. We adore motorcycles."

Kalup is a new brand/breed of motorcycle riding gear from the Czech Republic that blends those 3 statements. Their bold designs will drop jaws and raise eyebrows and that's exactly the reaction Kalup founders Pavel Hluchy and Filip Žák are aiming for. “We wanted to make riding gear that protects and you can still hit a Berlin club later”. As you can imagine a pair of self confessed fetishests aren't about to ride around on stock motorcycles so they have been building their own custom creations. The two latest bikes aptly named the 'Slaves' (3 and 4) are both based on the Triumph Speed Triple R's and just like their clothing they are a balance of exquisite forms and purposeful function.

Plan B Buell Cherry Salt

The 2015 Glemseck 101 is coming! As with previous years the event, which has been hailed as one of the biggest custom and classic motorcycle gatherings in Europe, is taking place on September 4th, 5th and 6th in Leonberg, Germany and it's going to be huge. This years 1/8th mile 'Sprint' race competitors are starting to surface around the web and although it's not quite complete, I couldn't wait any longer to feature this beast of a bike from Italian workshop Plan B Motorcycles. Inspired by the Lucky Cat Garage Sprintbeemer and determined to give them a run for their money this is the Buell M2 "Cherry Salt".

Gas Box 59 Triton Cafe Racer

Jesse Bassett has been operating 'The GasBox' workshop in Cleveland, Ohio since early 2009. As a seasoned workshop mechanic of over 20 years he's got all the skills it takes to piece together a reliable classic ride, however it's Jesses's eye for detail and his personal aesthetic that's really impressive. Clean, simple and beautifully executed builds are what you'll find in his custom portfolio and this incredible 1959 Triton Cafe Racer is one of his latest. Hand formed bodywork and a perfectly smoothed Norton featherbed frame wrapped around a beautifully restored '59 Triumph Bonneville motor. It's one of the best Tritons to grace the pages of this website.

Sage Rage Triumph Thruxton

I'm a sucker for retro fairings. I'm obsessed with Honda's legendary CR750 and the TT race bikes of the seventies so I'm always on the lookout for modern customs that take styling cues from that era. One of the latest such builds to pop up on my radar while trawling through my instagram feed was this striking sage green beast. It's the work of Mike Sadler of Division Motorworks in Canada and the bikes owner, Patrick McGregor. Sporting a Dunstall style fairing and an intriguing colour scheme this is one Triumph Thruxton that most certainly stands out from the rest.

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