Bigzy - Broken Spoke Kawasaki Z1000ST

Joe Gibbons had a tough 2016. Along with a string of health and personal problems dragging him down he lost his job just before Christmas. Things were looking pretty bleak until he found solace in a motorcycle. As the story goes, late last year Joe hired a van and set off on a 600-mile journey to collect a 1980 Kawasaki Z1000ST that would, over the following 6 months, get him back on track.

2018 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Revealed

In our recent feature discussing the cafe racer styled motorcycles at EICMA 2017 we left something very important out, but it was no accident. We've been impatiently awaiting the release of Husqvarna's production version of the Vitpilen 701 for what feels like a decade…well 3 years really, but who’s counting. The Swedes caused quite a fuss when they first revealed the Vitpilen concept. The new model marked the company's re-entry into the street bike segment and they blew everyone away with a design that was unlike anything else. Now that the covers are off the, let's take a closer look at the production-ready Husqvarna Vitplien 701.

Riding Gear Giveaway

Christmas is about giving, well at least that's what my mother told me. So, here at Return of the Café Racers, we're getting into the festive spirit by giving away a full set of riding gear to one lucky reader.

Thanks to our friends at Bell, Icon, Saint and Suus you could be celebrating Christmas by adding over $1000 USD of new riding gear to your wardrobe. That's a brand new Riot helmet, a pair of Icon riding boots, an Unbreakable denim riding jacket and a pair of Armoured Denim Jeans and you're not going to believe how easy it is to enter...

Bonneville Test Bed - Baptism Moto Triumph

In 2011, I moved to Pensacola Beach from Miami. I also decided that I wanted to learn how to ride motorcycles since it's a great and somewhat safe area to ride around. It wasn’t long before I got my license and started riding with my father-in-law using his Honda CBR250 until I got my own bike. I knew I didn't want a sports bike and definitely didn't want a cruiser, but wasn’t quite sure what it was I wanted. I began hearing about Cafe Racer culture and immediately fell in love. The bikes had classic retro looks but were still fast and fun to ride. Immediately I knew that was the style of bike I wanted to build for myself.

EICMA 2017 Cafe Racer Collection

Milan was once again buzzing with motorcycle mania as the world's top manufacturers gathered to showcase their latest developments at EICMA 2017. This year we were pleased to see a glut of retro-styled, "modern classic" motorcycles amongst the new releases. While that is great news for nostalgic types like us, what was even more exciting was the announcement by not one, but 4 manufacturers that they will be releasing café racer themed models in 2018.

Let's take a closer look at them...

Zero - Officine GP Design GSX-S750

While the major motorcycle manufacturers are unveiling their new models at the EICMA show in Milan there are a handful of custom builders amongst them who are looking to steal some of the limelight. One such builder, who has just revealed his latest creation, is Luca Pozzato the man behind Italy's Officine GP Design workshop. The bike he's created is based on one of Suzuki's 2017 releases, the GSX-S750 streetfighter and it's a retro-styled tribute to the companies long-running GSX series.

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