Minority Customs Cub Green

If you've been following Return of the Cafe Racers on Instagram or Facebook you'll have seen that I recently attended Kustomfest in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The show was awesome with 20,000+ people through the doors and an incredible collection of over 150 unique custom motorcycles on display. The custom scene in Indonesia is thriving and of all the builds on display that excited me the most, it was the small capacity bikes that really blew me away. Small bikes rule the streets of Indo so it's no wonder they put so much effort into their custom creations and one bike that seems to be a favourite base for customisation is the mighty Honda Cub.

Addiction Customs Arcanum SR500

Earlier this year I made the trip up to Sydney to attend Throttle Roll. Of all the awesome bikes on display there was one fresh build that stood out from the rest, an Anbu inspired Yamaha SR500 by Nicholas Blaxell of Addiction Customs. After I returned home I got in touch with Nicholas and pulled together a feature about the bike for Tank Moto magazine issue 5. Here's a condensed version of the full feature that appeared in the mag...

Fate Customs Honda CB550

I think that custom bike builds generally come in two forms. There are those built to adhere to a particular style or genre such as Cafe Racers or Choppers that feature all the "required" modifications and design elements to be considered a correct representation of that style. Then there's the builds that are created purely as a form self expression. Both of these approaches share similarities, but the big difference is that a bike built as an expression of personal style gives its builder the freedom to do what ever they want. Which way is better? Neither, but if I've learnt anything from building bikes it's that personal touches are what really connect you to your bike. People will always have opinions, good and bad, but at the end of the day it's your bike, not theirs, so have some fun with it...

Tank Moto issue 5

It's hard to believe it's already been 3 months since we released issue 4 of Tank Moto! Just like the previous issues Tank Moto 5 is packed with awesome moto features. Grab yourself a copy to see some stunning custom builds from around Australia and the rest of the world, cool artist features, new bike reviews and custom motorcycle event coverage...

BMW K1200RS KAgusta

When someone describes a bike as a clean build you usually expect it to be something pretty special and I can tell you this is one of the cleanest I've seen. Built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Irv Seaver Motorcycles in Orange, California, this K1200RS powered Cafe Racer is the work of BMW K expert Larry Romestant. While many BMW fans write the K series bikes off as "flying bricks" Larry spends his time to re-engineering them into unique, expertly built custom creations. With a background in mechanical and manufacturing engineering and component design Larry has an enviable set of skills up his sleeve and he's put them into great use with his latest project, the "KAgusta" Cafe Racer.

Kommune Forty-Eight Sportster K1

If you were given the opportunity to customise a brand new bike with the support of a major motorcycle manufacturer what would you do? This was exactly what happened to myself and the team at the Kustom Kommune back in April of this year when Harley-Davidson offered our communal workshop a brand new Harley-Davidson Forty Eight Sportster and the freedom to do with it whatever we wanted. What we decided to do was to completely transform the Sportster and turn it into a bike that could be maintained and serviced using the modest facilities at the Kommune workshop. The result is the Kommune 'K1', a Cafe Racer styled, sleek and unique Sportster that showcases the skills of a talented team of "backyard builders".

Kruz Triumph Daytona 1000

And here I was thinking the best thing to come out of Belgium was chocolates and Jean Claude Van Damme! Straight out of Kruz Co. Cycles in Brussels comes this unique 1000cc Triumph Daytona purchased for peanuts and modified for even less. You'd never guess this was a build done on a tight budget though. Kruz workshop team Brice and "The Admiral" pulled out all the stops to get their KC#2 Daytona build completed for a minuscule budget and they've applied some clever concepts to create it's unique look.

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