Built on a Budget BMW R100RS custom

When you've been bitten by the bike bug anything is possible! You may not have the skills, the time, the money or the know how, but when you've got your heart set on rocking your own custom ride, all of these challenges can be overcome. Hieronymus Evers wanted his own Cafe Racer to carve up the streets of Amsterdam. After visiting local garages and custom shops it quickly became apparent that enlisting their help was financially unviable so he'd have to approach his BMW build a bit differently...

Kawasaki W650 Racer by FCR

Anyone that's been following this site since it's launch in 2006 knows it all started with the purchase of a Kawasaki W650. Since I bought my W it's been a love affair that constantly gets better with each new day of riding. As a base for customisation the W gives you classic looks (mine always gets mistaken for being an old Brit), bulletproof reliability and solid performance. I've seen them turned into everything from Scramblers to hardtailed Bobbers, but it's as a Cafe Racer that the W really looks its best. Today to perfectly illustrate my point is a W650 based build from French workshop FCR Original, which they have quite simply called 'The W Racer'.

Boxer Design R nineT Cafe Racer

Since their release in 2014 the BMW R NineT has quickly become an icon of the global custom motorcycle scene. By recognising a market for a bike that motorcycle enthusiasts can easily customise the R nineT has enjoyed huge success and its future is looking bright. Earlier this year BMW Motorrad France took things one step further by producing an "off the shelf" R Nine T Cafe Racer. By teaming up with motorcycle design specialists Boxer Design, a limited run of 90 units of the R nineT Cafe Racer are being produced for sale direct from French BMW dealerships.

Triumph Bonneville Inlaws

Like most of the motorcycle community I was left a little confused after the recent release of Belstaff's 'Outlaws' short film. Starring David Beckham, Liv Tyler, Harvey Keitel and most importantly some Triumph motorcycles, Belstaff spared no expense producing the artsy farsty "fashion film". When I finally got over the initial "there goes 17 minutes and 28 seconds of my life that I'll never get back" feeling, I took a closer look at the film to uncover a bit more about Beckham's two wheeled co-stars.

Concept to Cafe Racer - Espiat Yamaha XJR

This may sound ridiculous, but sometimes I wish I lived in a place where riding during winter wasn't an option. While it's great having the luxury of being able to ride almost every day of the year down here in Australia, it would be rather productive to be forced to move my bike into a workshop for a few months. Having no option other than to tinker I would happily spend the colder months customising. Today's featured build happened exactly like that. With an icy German winter setting in and a stock Yamaha XJR1200 in the garage Daniel got busy building his dream bike.

Supernova KZ650 Cafe Racer

There's nothing like a bit of competitive spirit to egg a build on and when it's between 2 brothers you can bet the stakes are most certainly high. After Andy Webman of Interstellar Motors introduced his twin brother Jody to bike customisation it wasn't long before Jody had built himself a daily rider that put Andy's own bike to shame. Seeing his brother riding a much cooler machine than his own was exponentially worse than any noogie or chinese burn he could inflict on him so something drastic would have to be done. So Andy decided the only thing to do was to redesign and rebuild his first bike, an '81 Kawasaki KZ650 CSR cruiser into this one of a kind Cafe Racer.

Husqvarna 401 White Arrow Cafe Racer

It's easy to get excited over concept motorcycles. Unfortunately that excitement often turns to disappointment. The reality is that many concept motorcycles never evolve into production vehicles. Thankfully however we seem to be on the verge of all that changing. Manufacturers are finally listening to consumers and are even asking for their feedback; and it looks like some of the coolest concepts we've been seeing lately might actually end up in our driveways. One such concept that has me particularly excited in the Husqvarna 401 White Arrow Cafe Racer.

The Ride 2nd Gear

It's hard to believe it's already been 2 years since "visual culture" publisher Gestalten teamed up with BikeExif creator Chris Hunter to release 'The Ride'. Not only was The Ride the best looking, hard cover custom motorcycle book ever released it was also the first of its kind to celebrate the people behind each build and introduce the many different styles of the custom motorcycle scene and their origins. My copy of The Ride takes pride of place on my office bookshelf and has become a constant source of inspiration and reference for me. The book has also garnered a lot of interest from my non-motorcycle enthusiast friends who will happily browse its pages commenting on which styles and bikes they like the most.

Today it's with great anticipation and pleasure to announce that the 2nd edition of The Ride is now available! Titled "The Ride 2nd Gear - New Custom Motorcycles and Their Builders" the new book will follow a similar format to the first with 352 full colour pages of custom motorcycle goodness.

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