Riding Gear - Abel Brown Speed Merchant Gloves

These riding gloves are a joint effort by American-based apparel manufacturer 'Abel Brown' and aftermarket parts specialists 'The Speed Merchant'. In their first collaborative partnership, the pair designed a glove that's equal parts form and function to offer riders the best of both worlds. Each pair of Collab Gloves are constructed from great looking tan and black full grain, premium cowhide leather with contrast stitching for a classic racing look.

Mary Jane - Yamaha SR400 road racer

Yamaha's SR400 has been in production since 1978. The single cylinder 'thumper' was the work of Yamaha designer Atsushi Ishiyama who created the SR as an homage to their own XS650. The influence of British styling was also apparent, but its capacity was a product of Japanese demand. The 400cc engine made it a suitable bike for beginners with license restrictions and ultimately lead to its overwhelming success. As the youth of Japan embraced the SR400 it became a favourite basis for customisation and was instrumental to the success of many Japanese aftermarket parts manufacturers such as Posh and Daytona. Today the SR400 is still available from Yamaha showrooms. In recent years emissions laws saw it adopt electronic fuel injection, but almost every aspect of the original 1978 SR400 remains, right down to its kickstart only design.

In Osaka, Japan 28-year-old cafe racer enthusiast Yuya Ueda has been riding his SR400 for 8 years and it's lead to him taking a new direction in life. Despite working for 6 years as a full-time hairdresser, Yuya is now pursuing a career in mechanical engineering and it's all thanks to his beloved SR.

Cafe Racer Parts - Cognito Moto Fork Swap Kits

Ever wanted to swap out the tired old telescopic forks on your retro ride for a pair of modern upside down items? Well, just like the pro workshops you can thanks to the crew at Virginia's 'Cognito Moto'.

Upgrading your old bikes suspension is one of the best things you can do to transform your riding experience. Devin and the Cognito Moto crew have known this for some time and have made it their goal to make the process easy for wrench noobs like you and me. Of course, these kits aren't available for not every bike out there, but the list includes many of the most popular donor bikes for this type of project.

Cosimo Comeback - Suzuki Inazuma cafe racer

It's been a few years since I've heard from Cosimo at GiaMi Motorcycles in Italy. After being involved in a serious motorcycle accident soon after we featured his Kawasaki ER6N cafe racer in 2013, he began a difficult healing process and his time in the workshop was reduced to a minimum. It was a long road to recovery, but thankfully he's now back on the tools and is once again building great looking custom motorcycles. To mark his return to custom building Cosimo has put together a Suzuki Inazuma based cafe racer he's rightfully named "The Return".

Riding Gear - Bell Moto 3 Helmet

"Not retro. Original" That's a statement few helmet manufacturers can lay claim to. Bell has been manufacturing safety helmets since the mid fifties and can be attributed with being instrumental in the development of the most important item of safety gear worn by motorcyclists today. During their 60+ years of existence arguably the most iconic helmet design Bell has ever created was in the early 70s. It was their second full faced off-road design available to the public and was coined the Moto 3. Now some 40 years later the Moto 3 is back!

The Falcon - Moto Essence Yamaha RD350

Friends Havana and Dominik have been riding motorcycles together for longer than many of our readers have had a drivers license. Over the past 25 years, they've clocked up hundreds of thousands of miles riding in almost every discipline of off-road and on-road racing as well as being avid classic motorcycle enthusiasts. Havana gained his skills in motorcycle mechanics while racing bikes, Dominik developed his restoring collectable motorcycles. After building and customising motorcycles together for most of those 25 years they decided it was time to established their own workshop in 2015 and 'Moto Essence' was born.

As anyone starting up a new company should do the pair decided to launch their brand with a bang. So, using the knowledge gained from years of racing they set their sights on competing in the Glemseck 101 1/8th mile drags.

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