Godless - Ask Motorcycles Buell XB

This story first appeared in Tank Moto issue 12.

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured a build by Japan’s Ask Motorcycles. After meeting workshop owner Rad Yamamoto at the Mooneyes Yokohama Hot Rod Show in 2012 we struck up a friendship. Then in 2014, I arranged to have his beautiful ’61 Triumph 3TA grace the pages of Tank Moto issue 4. In October of 2015, I was lucky enough to head over to Tokyo again and spent a day with Rad and his mates. We visited his modest Ask Motorcycles workshop in Fujisawa (an hour south of Tokyo’s centre), took in some local sights and, of course, a few beers. At the time he disclosed details of a new project that was going to be his 2016 Mooneyes project saying ‘it will be a very different build for me’ and I headed home excited to see what he had in store.

Penny Racer - Kickstart Garage CB160

This story begins with a phone call from an old friend. He was looking to clear out some project bikes that had been collecting dust in his garage for some time. I (Kick Start Garage owner Craig Marleau) wasted no time heading to his place and a few hours later, found myself returning to the workshop with a pair of sorry looking of Honda CB160s. The big question now was what should I do with them?

German Superstar - Hammer Kraftrad R9T

It's one thing to build a bike for a paying customer, but creating a custom motorcycle for a celebrity must be one of the most stressful projects a builder can undertake. Firstly there's the pressure of making sure your high profile client is happy with the job, then there's the fact that it's likely to end up gracing the pages of newspapers and gossip mags across the country. Get it wrong and they'll all be pointing out its faults, get it right and it could be the best bit of advertising your business will ever get. Despite this, Michael Hammer of Hammer Kraftrad in Northern Bavaria speaks of his BMW R nineT build for German actor Hardy Krüger Jr. as if it were just another day at the office.

70s Style Guide - Honda CB750 Racer

I’ve been into bicycles, cars, hotrods and motorcycles as long as I can remember. My dad grew up hot rodding in southern California back in the early 50's so it's in my blood. Drawings of sports cars, motorcycles and Evel Knievel posters adorned my bedroom walls growing up. Unfortunately, I was never able to have a motorcycle as a kid. Mom put the kibosh on that or any mention of such things.  However, once in made it into college and out of the house, I bought some boxes of Suzuki GT750 parts. Enough to make 1 good running bike.  I was hooked.

Riding Gear - Saint Unbreakable Gloves

The crew at SA1NT continue to push the envelope with their range of high tech riding gear. Using game-changing materials and smart design they have turned the world of protective motorcycle apparel on its head and their latest product is no exception. Using the same denim/Dyneema blend utilised in the construction of their single layer jackets and jeans they have created the "Unbreakable Denim Glove".

Riding Gear - PandoMoto Boss 105 jeans

European protective clothing manufacturer Pando Moto have been offering 'limited edition' riding gear to the motorcycle market since 2011. The self-proclaimed street-wear brand mixes their love of motorcycles and fashion to create styles suitable for everyday wear without compromising on protection. Their 'Ballistic' range blends ultra tough Dyneema and 13oz denim to create the 'Boss 105 Ballistic' jean.

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