Golden Touch - John Player Suzuki GS750

In the world of Formula 1 racing, no one has ever looked as stylish on the track as the 1970’s Lotus John Player Special team. A liberal coat of black paint and gold JPS livery went together to create a look as iconic in racing as Nike’s swoosh is to sneakers. In fact, the JPS colourway was so loved that after being sponsored by the brand both BMW and Norton went on to produce special edition, consumer vehicles that bore a JPS inspired scheme. Looking good wasn’t all the JPS team did though. With the tobacco companies backing Lotus, BMW and Norton all enjoyed many successes on the track further adding to the brand's massive impact as an automotive racing sponsor.

For one Belgian based motorcycle enthusiast, the JPS racing livery was the epitome of cool. Like many of us though, the notion of owning an original JPS vehicle was an unachievable dream. So when Michiel van Son set out to rebuild a late seventies Suzuki GS750 he looked to that iconic Lotus for inspiration.

Seventies Citrus - Cleveland HThree Ace 250

We all know the big names in motorcycling. The companies that have pioneered two-wheeled transport for decades. Manufacturers like Triumph, Honda, Harley Davidson and Ducati who are the powerhouses of motorcycle engineering. But what about the new manufacturers? The brands who are trying to get their own slice of the motorcycle market.

One company who has been striving to get their foot in the door for the past 7 years is Cleveland Cyclewerks. Despite a volatile economic climate they’ve managed to stay afloat with their low cost, high-quality approach and now have distributors in 23 countries. As part of their strategy, Cleveland has been working with custom builders around the globe to reimagine their motorcycles and this bike by HThree Custom Garage is their Indonesian dealers latest collaboration.

Ever Fallen in Love - Honda CB550 Cafe Racer

This whole adventure began when my partner in crime, Blake Bailey, a recreational custom motorcycle builder and founder Motobailey Shoe Co. bet me that I wouldn’t get my MC license. After I proved him wrong I went out and bought a Ninja 250 and quickly became addicted to motorcycles. It was an outcome that surprised us both. The combination of adrenaline and the peace that came with being on a bike was one of the most incredible feelings I’ve ever felt. From there, I said goodbye to yoga…and a new life passion was born.

Steely Blue - Harley Davidson Cafe Racer

If ever there was a person who was destined to become a metal fabricator it would have to be Jay Steele. If you look past his uncannily appropriate surname though, Jay is one hell of a driven individual who has worked hard to achieve his personal goals. His career in metal manipulation started at the age of 18 when he and a friend converted the family barn into a workshop. During his apprenticeship in automotive collision repair, he challenged himself by taking on a 1930 Ford Model A chop and channel project that took 3 years to complete. During that time, he honed his skills completing every task from metal fabrication to the paintwork resulting in a showpiece he was able to use to kickstart his career and his Bare Steel Designs workshop.

More recently Jay has turned his attention to motorcycles. Although he started riding at the age of 16 he’d never applied his skills to a bike so in typical Jay style, he decided it was time to challenge himself once again.

Lightweight Heavyweight - Ariel Ace R

Every motor enthusiast remembers the episode of Top Gear where Clarkson test drove the Ariel Atom for the first time. During that episode (season 5 episode 9) Clarkson sat in the V-tec powered, bare bones, Ariel and pushed the accelerator hard to the floor. As the Atom rocketed off we saw his face transformed into what he described himself as an alien. He went on to say the Atom was one of the fastest and craziest vehicles he'd ever driven.

It's been 13 years since that episode aired and Ariel are still going strong. They now have two 4 wheeled vehicles in the range (soon to be 3) and have added one rather interesting 2 wheeled one named the Ariel Ace.

Dynamic Duo - Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

People who tinker with motorcycles are a special breed. What makes them truly unique though is their ability to bond with others who share the same obsession. No matter where they’re from, what they do for a job or even their age, a friendship can be quickly formed based entirely on rebuilding bikes.

Belgians Fre Fonteyne and Karel Willems met through a mutual mate and soon discovered their shared love of custom motorcycles. After Fre mentioned his plan to rework a mid-nineties CB750 Karel wasted no time offering to assist. “After a small talk we seemed to be on the same page,” says Fre. “The resulting cafe racer is what we achieved together. It was two years in the making and can be best described as our co-creation.”

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