Form and Function - Octane Motorcycles CBF600N

Sacrificing comfort for the sake of style is a common oversight of custom motorcycle building. It’s no secret though that certain aspects of cafe racer styling aren’t all that practical when applied to motorcycles that are destined for everyday use. If you’re a daily commuter, or perhaps a little older, comfort should be king, so sometimes it’s important to make compromises to achieve that goal.

At the Spanish workshop of Octane Motorcycles Iñaki Bellver and his business partner Carlos Lopez build practical motorcycles engineered for everyday use. Working full-time as engineers the duo work on their bikes after hours and this Honda CBF600N is their latest achievement.

Behind the Lens - Motorcycle Photographer Enginethusiast

Behind every great custom motorcycle feature, we publish there are two very important individuals. The first spent countless hours building the bike the second photographed it. Sure it may sound like the first guy did all the work, but without the second they’d never have been able to share it with the world.

Many of the photographers whose work you’ve seen here don’t photograph bikes full-time. In fact, most of them do it because of their love for motorcycles. This passion is evident in the images they capture and one such photographer goes by the name of Enginethusiast. The man behind the Enginethusiast lens is Anthony Scott and we thought we’d find out what drives him to do what he does.

Bullet Time - Alo’s Cafe Thruxton R

There’s no denying Triumph’s Thruxton R is a great looking bit of kit. The Hinkley team created a new version of their top of the range Modern Classic that exceeded pretty much everyone's expectations. Their designers took cues from classic race bikes of the 50s and 60s and blended them with the design trends they’d seen in the current custom scene. Then to top it all off they fit it with the latest in suspension and brake technology and a hopped up version of their impressive new water-cooled twin.

For me, it’s the Thruxton R’s styling that is its most appealing feature, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon and over at the Italian workshop of Alo’s Café they've done exactly that.

Riding Gear - Saint Stretch Denim

Slim, skinny, straight, boot. Everyone has a preference when it comes to the style jeans they wear, so why should motorcyclists have to make sacrifices? Australian riding gear manufacturer Saint is striving to offer riding gear for every taste. Using their single layer protective denim Saint have already created styles for those who prefer a looser cut and now they've expanded their offering to include styles for those who prefer jeans with a tighter fit.

Odins Fury - Gonzo Motorcycles Nimbus Type C

In the early 1900s Danish vacuum manufacturer ‘Fisker and Nielsen’ turned their interests towards motorcycle production. Already holding the title of being Europe’s first manufacturer of electric motor vacuums the companies founders devised a concept for a unique motorcycle they hoped would outperform and supersede other manufacturers designs. The new manufacturing plant they formed was named Nimbus Motorcycles and their first motorcycle, a shaft driven 750cc inline 4, went on sale to the public in 1920.

Fostering Talent - The Honda Dream Ride Project

Up until only a few years ago, the Indonesian custom motorcycle scene was relatively unknown. Thankfully due to events like Jogjakarta’s Kustomfest all that has changed. I've been lucky enough to visit that show and several workshops around Indonesia. Many of the builders work in spaces no bigger than your average bedroom, have access to limited parts and their skills are almost always self-taught. Despite those barriers, their custom creations are on-par with the motorcycles coming out of America's best-known workshops.

The team at Honda Indonesia have been watching the scene closely and for 2017 have launched a new initiative to help foster some of the countries most talented builders. We spoke exclusively with PT. Astra Honda in Indonesia and one of the projects contestants, Yuwono Jati of ‘Lunatic Inc, about the ‘Honda Dream Ride Project’ and the motorcycle they built.

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