Funding the Future - Sp9ine Honda CB900

Over in Sydney Australia engineer and jack of all trades, Edi Buffon has applied his aptitude for all things mechanical to, you guessed it, motorcycles. Bitten by the bike bug in his early teens he’s been chopping and changing every two wheeled machine he’s owned ever since. Looking back over the years he recalls a Ducati Pantah that received a custom SS styled overhaul and the ZXR1200 that became the catalyst for turning his past time passion into a part time business.

Wife's New Wheels - ORIGIN8OR GSX1100R

I really wanted my wife to have a motorcycle to ride instead of always sharing whatever bike was ready at the time. Her birthday was coming up so I began searching for a birthday surprise project to build over the winter. Typically I don’t search for a specific bike, rather just a price point I can work with and I happened across this bike, a 1993 Suzuki GSXR1100. The first of the water cooled GSXRs. I've always been a huge fan of these superbikes as I was in college when they were new and couldn't afford one.

Gear Review - Pando Moto M65 Jacket

It's summer. The sun is turned all the way up. It's so hot I could literally crack an egg on my gas tank and cook breakfast on the way to work. My head tells me to reach for the trusty old leather jacket, but my epidermis is pulling me towards the Levis denim number hanging beside it. Obviously when it comes to protection leather is the go to guy, but in this heat, anything that lets at least a bit of air through would be a welcome alternative. Thankfully I may have found a safer answer.

Built for Fun - Purpose Built Yamaha Scorpio

I grew up around bikes on a Rural Property in Queensland, Australia." says Tom Gilroy of Purpose Built Moto. "Dirt bikes were a big part of my life growing up, as were all types of things with motors. I would often come across or get given old farm bikes to fix up, modify and sell.

This bike is a 2007 Yamaha Scorpio 225, the kind of bike you wouldn’t normally tell your mates about. It’s was a standard issue un-inspiring commuter the took around 5 months to transform."

Gear Review - Rev’it Gibson Jacket

Dutch leather moguls Rev’it have been dabbling in the cafe scene in the last few years, and with better results than many other mainstream competitors. Coming from a background stitched in race and adventure riding gear they’ve straddled the line between excellent protection and understated simplicity beautifully, and their new jacket, dubbed ‘The Gibson’, continues this trend - with one or two curious caveats.

Roads We Ride - Macquarie Pass

Here's the third instalment of the ROADS WE RIDE series. In this episode, we meet Matt Laxton. Matt grew up in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW and while studying for his nursing degree he would travel the Macquarie Pass in Australia's New South Wales most days.

After buying his first motorcycle in his 20s as a means of transport, he quickly realised that it was more than a vehicle for logistics and treated every trip as its own unique journey. Since then he has completed many long haul motorcycle journeys around the world, riding from London to Dubrovnik, touring the US and then, more recently riding through Mexico and parts of Central America.

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