Rickman Resto - John's Kawasaki CR-Z1000

I'd always admired classic competition replica motorcycles. I'd been hunting a bike with a handmade frame and the power of a Z engine for some time and found it in the form of a '76 Rickman Kawasaki CR Z1000. I shipped the bike from Queensland over to Australia's west coast and rode it 'as is' for a while. Although a lot of the important bits were there I was never entirely happy with it and eventually decided to fully restore it, back to original. The CR Z1000 was to be the first bare frame restoration that I had undertaken. Being an earthmoving mechanic and having turned my hand at many things mechanical, I wanted to complete most of the restoration myself.

Backroad Burner - KickMoto Honda CB750

The CB750 builds continue to roll in! We've seen the legendary Honda transformed so many times it's hard to believe anyone is doing anything original with them, but today we've been proven otherwise. Jeff Shaw and Jordan Braun of Canada's KickMoto workshop have just dropped their latest work, a '72 Honda CB750k, into our inbox and it's a lean looking machine. KickMoto is still in its early years of development so we had a chat with team member Jeff Shaw to find out more about the development of their workshop and the KickMoto 005 CB750.

Smooth Sailing - Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

When he's not out designing race-winning catamarans, French-Canadian professor in electronics, Sylvain Carignan likes to turn his hand to custom motorcycle building. Of course as a man who prides himself on producing one of the world's fastest catamarans, he's not about to settle for anything substandard. Using his skills in 3D modeling and prototyping he's built a handful of motorcycle projects and this '79 Honda CB750 cafe racer is his latest tour de force.

Green Dream Maschine - Moto Guzzi V7 Cafe Racer

In the world of custom motorcycles, there's one builder who has become synonymous with great looking Moto Guzzi's, his name is Axel Budde. At his KaffeeMaschine workshop in Hamburg, Germany, Axel has amassed a portfolio of gorgeous custom Guzzi's that are enough to make any motorcycle lovers heart race. Using examples of the Italian manufacturer's most iconic motorcycles Axel applies a svelte design approach that strips away unnecessary clutter to leave only the beautiful, bare essentials. His style in undeniably influenced by the cafe racer movement of the fifties, which he applies using handmade alloy bodywork and the best in aftermarket add-ons. Today we take a closer look at one of the newest additions to his collection, the V7 Sport based KaffeeMaschine 18.

Unnaturally Aspirated - Royal Enfield Continental GT-T

Royal Enfield’s Continental GT has been with us for a few years now. A single cylinder 535cc fuel injected engine with a Harris Performance designed frame, Paioli shocks, Brembo brakes, classic retro looks and a reasonable price tag have made it one of the more common Royal Enfield models I see thumping around my hometown on a weekly basis. However, it could be said that the Conti is lacking in the power department. Even though the curb weight is around 180kg, its stock 29hp at 5100 rpm does leave you wanting more, especially if you're hitting the freeway.

The Legends of Speed - Jacket Pin Series

I've always enjoyed hearing stories about legendary motorcycle riders and racers from the past. They were the men who revolutionised the way motorcycles were made or the way they were ridden. Although some of their lives may be over, their stories live on to inspire new generations of riders and enthusiasts around the world. With this notion in mind we contacted illustrator and all round nice guy Pedro Oyarbide with an idea we had been kicking around for a while. The concept was to create a series of jacket pins that depicted some of our personal favourites from motorcycling history. Being a moto enthusiast himself Pedro did not hesitate in getting involved and the 'Legends of Speed' jacket pin series was born.

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