Under the influence pre-unit Triumph Tiger

As well as trying to update this site as often as possible I also write for Tank Moto and Fuel Magazines as their motorcycle features editor. The following is a story I wrote about Leon's awesome pre-unit Triumph Tiger in Fuel Magazine issue 17. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did writing it...

Matt Black Sportster Cafe Racer

Harley's continue to be the underdog in the Cafe Racer scene. Although I've featured plenty of Harley Davidson Cafe Racers here before they always seen to be received with mixed opinions, many of which tend to be negative. People talk about them being too heavy or handling horribly, but I can't help think there are many  bikes made by other manufacturers that could easily be described the same way, but for some reason avoid the negative comments when they are customised. Is it because there's a strong divide in the motorcycle scene between Harley owners and the rest of us? Or perhaps it's because people just aren't used to seeing a Harley customised in such a way? Regardless of what the causes may be I for one am glad to see more Harley's undergoing the Cafe treatment. One of the latest Harley Davidson Cafe Racers to appear in my inbox is this beast from Matt Black Customs. Not only does it knock all of the common complaints on the head it's one helluva good looking machine!

Vault BMW R100 Cafe Racer

It's been a couple of years since I first featured one of Kevin Hills custom builds. Since then under his leadership his Kevil's Speed Shop has amassed an impressive portfolio of custom BMW's showcasing everything from sleek Cafe Racers to knobbly tired Scramblers. He's developed a formula of basic modifications that he applies to each BMW build before they undergo the full custom treatment. One such bike is this BMW R100 Cafe Racer christened 'Vault'.

Mad Max Fury Road Trailer

Mad Max Fury Road is due to hit cinema screens in May 2015 and they've just released a trailer to give us a taste of what to expect. I was born in the mid seventies just before the first Mad Max film came out and the original 3 films have always been on my favourites list (Yes, even the 3rd one despite Tina Turner). When I first heard they were making this film I was sceptical of what was going to happen. On one hand I really wanted to see another film in the Mad Max series, but on the other I was afraid it was going to be another remake disaster. Read on to check out the trailer...

The Legend Honda CB100

Bali, Indonesia. Beautiful beaches, lush tropical forests, killer surf, cheap shopping and Bintang beer. Bali also happens to be a place where motorcycles rule the streets. Not Harley's or the Sportsbikes we see in Western countries, but scooters and small capacity motorcycles that transport a large percentage of Bali's inhabitants to and fro. While we might not think they're cool because they can't break the ton these bikes are the backbone of Bali's transportation system and the locals love them. With so much appreciation of their daily rides going on it's natural to see a blooming custom culture developing and one workshop that's quickly building an impressive portfolio of custom builds is Smoked Garage in Kuta.

La Boheme Kawasaki Zephyr 750

Suzuki Katana. Honda Dominator. Kawasaki Ninja. These are all bike names that inspire visions of power and awesomeness. In some bizarre, magical way they appeal to men before they've even laid eyes on them.  It's motorcycle marketing at it's finest. Then there's the Yamaha Virago, the Honda Gold Wing and let's not forget the Kawasaki Zephyr. Not exactly awe inspiring titles are they? But somewhere along the way people have chosen to look beyond these product naming disasters to focus on what really counts about these bikes. They perform just as well as others in the same class, are famously reliable and most importantly make a great base for customization. So even though I cringe a little every time I get an email from a builder who says they've customized one, I'm often pleasantly surprised by the result. This Zephyr 750 by Sameiros Motors in Portugal is the perfect example of just that.

Throttle Roll 2014

A couple of months back I flew to Sydney to attend one of Australia's best custom motorcycle events. Organised by Mark Hawwa of Sydney Cafe Racers, Throttle Roll is a 2 day music, motorcycle, lifestyle festival that takes place at a huge pub just outside of Sydney's CBD. A great wall of custom motorcycles rising up over 10 meters high surrounded the pubs beer garden, beer flowed freely and live music kept everyone's feet tapping till well after the sun had set. Outside the pub hundreds more bikes lined the streets with just as many jaw dropping custom builds as we'd seen inside. It was an awesome show, put on by a rad dude whose passion for the custom scene has created something truly amazing. Read on for video coverage of the show...

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