Zonnevlek Harley-Davidson Street 750

During my visit to Japan with Harley-Davidson late last year, we were introduced to 5 Japanese builders whose workshops had been invited to each customise one of the new H-D Street 750's. The project was coined the "Street Build Off" and the 5 workshops involved included Cherry's Company, Asterisk, Duas Caras Cycles, Luck Motorcycles and Custom Works Zon. Only a few short months later the builders unveiled their creations at the Mooneyes Hotrod and Custom Show in Yokohama, where a panel of judges awarded one workshop as the outright winner. Taking home the prize was Custom Works Zon with their heavily customised 'Zonnevlek' Street 750 racer.

Bol d’Or CB900 Cafe Racer

The Honda CB900 Bol d’Or does not and probably never will appear on a list of the "Top 10 Best Looking Motorcycles Ever Made". In fact I don't think it would even have a place in the top 50. Honda conceived the bike during a period in motorcycle design history when their Comstar wheels and naked sports bike styling were all the rage and neither of them did much to improve the look of the Bol d’Or.

My gripes about the bikes appearance aside it was a great performer and the Japanese manufacturer received well earned praise for their work on the CB900. The Bold Dor was the predecessor to Honda's legendary CB750 lineage, created to oppose other manufacturers who were producing motorcycles that were outperforming the ageing CB750s.

Teamwork - The Fragore Moto Guzzi SP3

Despite a challenging language barrier and being separated by a 10,000km expanse of land and sea, Maurizio Carraro of Imbarcadero 14 in Venice, Italy and Fujita Koichi of An-Bu Custom Motors in Nagoya, Japan combined their skills to reimagine this 1989 Moto Guzzi SP3. Named 'Fragore', an Italian word roughly translating to roar or rumble, the bikes custom exhaust and it's striking design both do exactly that.

Nitro Cycles Ducati GT1000

Every time I spy a Ducati Sport Classic out on the street I can't help but think of what Ducati missed out on. Inspired by TT racers and sports bikes of the 70's, Ducati's design team, led by Pierre Terblanche, unveiled the first of the Sport Classics range back in 2003 at the Tokyo Motor Show. The publics response was favourable, but it wasn't until 3 years later in 2006 that the bikes went on sale to the public. Over the next few years models released under the Sport Classic range included the limited edition Paul Smart, Sport1000, Sport1000S and the GT1000. Despite the publics response in Tokyo sales figures indicated that the market wasn't ready for the Sport Classics, so after only 4 short years of production, Ducati discontinued the entire range. If only Ducati could have held out a few more years.

York St Moto Ducati 350 Widecase

Today it's certainly true that good things do indeed come in small packages. I recently stumbled across this sweet little, '67 Ducati 350 wide-case out of Denver CO and today we have the story behind its creation. Believe it or not, this isn't the work of an established custom workshop or a professional builder. It's a homebuilt bike, pieced together by a man with a keen eye for design by the name of Adam McCarty. Over 18 months Adam rebuilt, modified and redesigned the bike to create this beautifully balanced work of rolling art that would look right at home parked inside the Lourve.

Counter Balance BMW R60/5

I often hear about the motorcycle "I should have never sold" and the sad stories of love lost and years of regret. So when Weston Boege of Counter Balance Cycles sent me the story of a BMW, purchased and loved, then sold and yearned after until it finally made its way back home, I knew it was a story worth sharing. What made the story even better was to then learn that the 1975 BMW R60/5 was passed down a generation within a family before Weston was given the opportunity to give it a new lease on life. Here's how it played out...

IncrediBuell M2 Cafe Racer

The story of Buell Motorcycles doesn't have a happy ending. When Eric Buell started the company his vision for creating racing and sports bike pedigree, v-twin powered motorcycles was a revelation and it wasn't long before Harley Davidson sat up and took notice, purchasing a controlling share of the company in 2003. Unfortunately, despite sales in excess of 135,000 units Harley Davidson executives made the decision to cease production of Buell motorcycles in 2009. 

Seven years on the Buell motorcycles that remain are beginning to show their age, both in styling and performance,  thankfully though there are Buell owners out there who have taken to revitalising the bikes through customisation. Buell enthusiast, custom builder and dentist (yes you read that right) Vincent Allard has done exactly that. He's got 4 custom Buells builds under his belt and this, the M2 Cyclone based "IncrediBuell" is his latest work.

The pursuit of speed - FLATS

If you're a fan of drift racing the name Nigel Petrie is sure to ring a bell. His 'Engineered to Slide' workshop is well known in drift racing circles and his homebuilt racecars are the stuff legends are made of. Nigel's a fitter and turner by trade, but his skillset extends well into the realms of design, engineering and fabrication and he applies them all to every project he undetakes. Along with his passion for drift racing he's a motorcycle lover and his custom built KTM Cafe Racer graced the pages of this site back in 2012. Last year Nigel embarked on a journey with a group of friends (and his incredibly supportive wife) to realise a dream of laying down a record at the DLRA salt flat speed in trials on Lake Gardiner, South Australia. Along the way they documented the experienceto create a stunning new, feature length documentary titled 'FLATS'.

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