46Works Youtube channel

46 Works and the Zen of Motorcycle Customisation

There are countless “oddly satisfying” videos on YouTube that will put even the most active of minds at ease. Personally, I find serenity by watching motorcycle-related content. If you’re anything like me, I’ve got just the thing to distract you from the daily grind and inspire you to kickstart that next custom build you’ve been putting off.

Shiro Nakajima is the man behind the esteemed Japanese workshop 46Works (Instagram). In the past, we’ve featured several of his projects including the stunning 46 Works Moto Guzzi Lemans Roadster and our pick of the Mooneyes Yokohama 2018 show, a BMW R100RS cafe racer. Along with being a highly skilled fabricator, motorcycle mechanic, racer, and bike builder, Nakajima-san also happens to be a dab hand at creating slick video content. During the past couple of years, he’s stepped up both the quality and rate of production of his video content, and you can now watch him build each of his motorcycles from the ground up on the 46Works Youtube channel.

Each video on the 46 Works channel offers an insight into the different stages of a custom-build project, from machining parts out of solid blocks of aluminum to fabricating exhausts from scratch. As a viewer, you will witness how Nakajima-san plans and executes his creations to his exacting standards. Adding to the whole experience is Nakajima-san’s ability to complement the industrial sounds of his workshop machinery with laidback music. The result is an oddly satisfying viewing experience that I can’t get enough of!

Here are a few of my personal favorites…

Building a custom tail unit for the 46 Works KTM big single project

Machining a wheel hub for a BMW R100RS from a disc of aluminum

The entire process of fabricating a titanium exhaust system

Timelapse of a complete BMW R100RT custom project

If you liked these videos be sure to subscribe to Shiro Nakajima’s 46 Works channel on Youtube. Along with build videos, he also uploads videos from the classic race events competes in and some occasional DIY projects where he makes upgrades to his workspace.