Roads We Ride – The Putty

As someone who has had countless trips along the windy, 172km pass Chris shares a few words of wisdom around what to watch out for when riding the Putty. We’re proud to be a part of this great initiative and applaud those involved in making this great bit of moto video.

Enjoy the video and safe riding.

Transport for New South Wales has enlisted the help of local Aussie riders to create this new series of videos. The videos feature real motorcyclists talking about their own experiences and things to look out for on some of NSW’s most popular riding roads.

In this video we meet Chris Atkinson, a veteran off road racer and regular road rider. Chris shares stories from his life on two wheels and his tidy, flat track inspired Triumph Bonneville. Living in the Colo Valley for 25 years the Putty Road, a popular stretch of rural road for motorcyclists, is right on his doorstep.