Roads We Ride Bells Line of Road

Roads We Ride – Bells Line of Road

In this new edition of ‘Roads We Ride’ we join police officer Michael Corboy. Michael is a seasoned rider who has travelled the world on two wheels. He also considers the Bells Line of Road in New South Wales to be one of his favourite stretches of asphalt.

The Bells Line of Road offers Michael a scenic escape from the stress of a career in the police force. The 60km journey offers breathtaking views across the Blue Mountains, but it’s not without its own challenges. Steep sections, blind corners, occasionally heavy traffic and black ice in winter can be dangerous for unprepared riders. Michael knows all too well the risks we face as motorcyclists and has seen how a lack of awareness can lead to terrible consequences. In this video, he imparts his own learning from this incredible stretch of Australian road. Enjoy the video and ‘Ride to Live’.