Return of the Cafe Racers - Riding Gear – Fuel Discovery Jacket

Riding Gear – Fuel Discovery Jacket

If you’re looking to add a touch of Steve McQueen style to your riding clobber then Fuel Motorcycles have just the thing. Inspired by Steve’s timeless style Fuel have created the ‘Discovery’ motorcycle jacket, a 3/4 waxed cotton canvas design that’s packed with highly functional features and boasts classic good looks.

Fuel Discovery waxed cotton canvas Jacket

Fuel live and breath motorcycles and feel most at home when tearing up dirt roads or over desert dunes. As a result, all their gear benefits from their own observations and experiences while tackling tough off-road terrain. The Discovery jacket is the perfect example of putting all that knowledge into practice.

To help keep you dry and cool the Discovery jacket is constructed from military grade, olive green waxed cotton canvas. The wax finish makes cleaning mud and dirt from its surface a cinch and to avoid corrosion all closures are built from brass. Four pockets on the front of the jacket provide ample storage space for all your EDC riding essentials and they’re finished with quality suede details. A belt around the waist keeps the jacket secure and there’s an additional leather belt closure on the neck to help reduce wind chill. Corduroy panels on the elbows add to the jackets timeless style while the matching finish inside the collar enhances comfort.

The inside of the Discovery jacket is where things start to get technical. First off there’s a striking burgundy lining emblazoned with Fuel branding which features extra storage pockets. To help protect you in a spill Fuel have incorporated Smoothways CE level 2 armour into the elbows, shoulders, and back and it all comes included in the purchase price. When you buy the Discovery waxed cotton canvas jacket you’ll also get a removable 125g thermo liner. The full-length liner can be zipped into the jacket to keep you warm when the temperature drops or removed when things heat up. Best of all the liner can be worn on its own when you’re off the bike so your essentially getting 2 jackets in one!


Fuel Discovery waxed cotton canvas Jacket

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