Return of the Cafe Racers - Riding Gear – Roland Sands Fresno Shoes

Riding Gear – Roland Sands Fresno Shoes

We live in a great era for riding. Back in the day, your options for motorcycle footwear were limited to black boots, with a low heel and perhaps a buckle somewhere. Of course, you could have worn whatever street shoes you wanted – as long as you were comfortable sacrificing protection. Now there are enough riding shoes out there that every style preference is well represented – and every foot is well protected. Take for instance this latest ‘Frenso’ shoe offering by Roland Sands Designs.

The Fresno Riding Shoe comes from Roland Sands Design, the custom bike shop, motorcycle parts maker, and riding gear company out of Long Beach, California. Based on an old-school skateboarding shoe, the Fresno has a classic look that’s part vintage Vans and part dressed-up Chuck Taylor. But the functionality is where the Fresno gets it riding credibility.

Roland Sands Designs Fresno motorcycle shoe

Design considerations go well beyond good looks with the Fresno skatewear style shoes. Constructed from top-grain cowhide, the Fresno’s ankle, heel and toe box are reinforced for riding safety. Additional protection has also been added in the form of a reinforced shank and CE approved cup sole. A Hipora waterproof membrane will prevent an unexpected cloudburst from ruining your ride while the textured, abrasion resistant shift pad and double stitching will assure a good long life. Two finishing details – the waxed laces and reflective lightning bolt inset in the heel – really set these apart as a quality pair of riding shoes. The only hard decision you’ll have to make now is picking a color.


Roland Sands Designs Fresno motorcycle shoe

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