Roads We Ride – Macquarie Pass

However, it’s been his experience working as a Nurse that has helped him to always return home safe, having witnessed his fair share of motorcycle crash admissions. But seeing the result of the dangers of motorcycling hasn’t dulled his love of riding, rather it’s made him a better rider who is more aware of the environments.

Enjoy the video folks and please, ride safe.

Here’s the third installment of the ROADS WE RIDE series. In this episode, we meet Matt Laxton. Matt grew up in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW and while studying for his nursing degree he would travel the Macquarie Pass in Australia’s New South Wales most days.

After buying his first motorcycle in his 20s as a means of transport, he quickly realized that it was more than a vehicle for logistics and treated every trip as its own unique journey. Since then he has completed many long-haul motorcycle journeys around the world, riding from London to Dubrovnik, touring the US and then, more recently riding through Mexico and parts of Central America.