Return of the Cafe Racers - 3×3 – Competizione Triumph Speed Triple

3×3 – Competizione Triumph Speed Triple

In 1992 Ducati’s Monster redefined the naked motorcycle category. Then in 1994 Triumph took things a step further. Their Speed Triple used a revolutionary design that motorcycling press quickly labelled as the ultimate hooligan bike. Prior to its creation, the only bikes bearing the same mix of styling and performance were those built by street racers and stunters. This made the Speed Triple the first factory-built streetfighter. It was, of course, a huge hit and can be attributed to being instrumental to the success of Hinkley Triumph.

custom triumph speed triple

Sergio Giordano is an Italian born entrepreneur whose achievements include managing a business dealing in rare artefacts, running a world famous sushi restaurant, holding the title of European Champion for bodybuilding and being an open water diving instructor. After years of travelling the world, he has returned to his home in Italy to launch his own custom motorcycle workshop named ‘Italian Dream Motorcycle’.

IDM specialise in the production of limited edition custom motorcycles. Along with creating uniquely designed machines, IDM is dedicated to improving the performance of each motorcycle they build. Sergio’s latest project, the ‘Collezione Tripla’ has seen him rework Triumph’s Speed Triple and its smaller sibling the Street Triple to create a new limited edition 3 bike series. The series includes the ‘Tripla 0.0’, a 675cc Triumph Street Triple built for street riding, the soon to be released ‘Tripla 0.0 R’, and this bike, the 1050cc Speed Triple based ‘Tripla Competizione’.

For this project, Sergio took inspiration from Carlo Talamo, an Italian industrialist who played a big part in the evolution of the Speed Triple platform. Talamo was the first to import both Harley Davidson and Hinkley Triumphs to the Italian market. Along with selling standard models, Talamo developed his own special edition custom bikes that were sold through his dealerships. One such bike was the Speed S of which only 5 examples were built. After Hinkley saw the Speed S in 2002 they developed the first 1050cc Speed Triple guided by Talamo’s design. Similar to Talamo’s custom creations Sergio is only producing 5 examples of each the his Collezione Tripla motorcycles.

custom triumph speed triple

“The Speed Triple 1050 was the first bike in the Speed Triple series to have a dedicated chassis, it is not a coincidence that we wanted to choose this starting point to work on.” – Sergio Giordano.

The Tripla Competizione is, at its core, a performance-focused build, but Sergio also wanted to create a bike that was aesthetically unique. To achieve this he designed “aggressive and futuristic” bodywork for the 2005 Speed Triple. While the original fuel tank remains the rest of the bodywork has all been redesigned. Up front is a bikini style fairing that comes in two flavours for both track and street use. The enclosed version seen in these images is an aluminium piece that’s ready to accept a racing number while the street version is made from carbon fibre and exposes the bikes iconic twin headlights. Wrapped around the Competizione’s belly is a hand-beaten aluminium fairing that encompasses the engine, but still leaves the Speed Triples unmistakable frame exposed. Then at the rear is an aluminium tail section perched on a modified subframe.

custom triumph speed triple

Other visual tweaks include a Motogadget Motoscope Pro dash that takes pride of place behind the bikini fairing. Build partners Accossato Racing provided the lower handlebars, custom push-button controls and fluid reservoirs and the custom seat is covered in premium Italian leather. For a touch of retro styling, Sergio has also had the outdated cast rims replaced with spoked Rays gold series items.

Although the bike comes with a street-ready fairing Tripla Competizione was developed for the track. So, although 130bhp is nothing to be sniffed at, IDM has upped the Speed Triples output to 145bhp using race developed engine upgrades. The new gold rims are shod in Pirelli Diablo Corsa rubber and are paired with supersport discs and Brembo gold series brakes. The suspension has also been upgraded front and rear using the latest components from Öhlins that are fully customisable. The electronics have been overhauled too using a Motogadget M-unit and keyless ignition.

custom triumph speed triple

Appearance is everything so the Tripla Competizione has been given an appropriately aggressive paint scheme. The bodywork has all been coated in matte black while the frame has been finished in a brilliant gold to complement the bikes high-end components. With only 5 of these unique motorcycles being made and a price tag of € 45,000 very few people will be enjoying the opportunity to let loose on a Tripla Competizione, but I have no doubt those who do will enjoy every second of it.


Photography by Max Serra

custom triumph speed triple

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