Suzuki T500 by TJ

This striking Suzuki T500 salt flat racer is owned by Boris “Bob” Guynes of Red Wood City, California. Bob, who is now in his seventies, was a track and salt flat racer from way back competing at Daytona and breaking land speed records at the Bonneville salt flats. More photos after the jump…

These jaw dropping photos of the Suzuki T500 are the first of Bob’s collection to be photographed by automotive photographer TJ with the rest of his collection due to be shot in the coming months. Keep an eye on the site for the rest of the series and for more details from Bob about his amazing bikes.

“Bob used to race bikes with AFM in the 60s and then cars with SCCA for about 10 years after that. Ever see the movie “Das Boot” about the German U-boats in WWII? Bob made the big submarine models that were used in the film.”


To see more of the Suzuki T500 and other shots from TJ visit his website or facebook page.

Big thanks to Sasha for sending this in.