Return of the Cafe Racers - Up For Adventure  – Wrench Kings Himalayan

Up For Adventure – Wrench Kings Himalayan

There’s very little that dual-sport bikes share in common with cafe racers. When it comes to customisation though every builder shares a common goal of creating a better performing, better-looking bike. Take for instance this new build by Netherlands based workshop the Wrench Kings. Based on a Royal Enfield Himalayan this custom urban adventurer was developed in collaboration with Gannet design.

Wrench Kings Himalayan

Outright performance improvements were never the goal of this project. Instead, the Wrench Kings aimed to improve the bike’s utilitarian performance. This means that everything from the engine to the shocks are the standard Himalayan affair. The only exception being an aftermarket muffler that likely adds more bark than any noticeable bite.

For the redesign of the Royal Enfield designer Ulfert Janssen, otherwise known as Gannet Design, has visually beefed up the lightweight Himalayan. Gilled side panels beneath the fuel tank give it the look of a long-range adventure bike.  A rally bike style front fairing stands the 400cc single tall and chunky rubber adds a touch of purpose. In the rear proportions have been tightened and the belly wears a much more capable-looking Acerbis bash plate.

Built into the new fairing are projector style headlamps protected from road debris by yellow tinted perspex. Additional nighttime lighting is supplied by a pair of side-mounted foglamps and the indicators are repurposed Motogadget bar-end items. Through a collaboration with GPS experts TomTom, the Wrench Kings have also upgraded the Himalayans tech offering. The view inside the cockpit is now dominated by a Rider 550 navigation system that sits atop the standard dials. So whether you’re tackling city streets or exploring the great outdoors you’ll always find your way home on this little adventurer.

Royal Enfield custom Himalayan

The Himalayan has been finished in a military-style grey/green with touches of gold mesh and Wrench King livery. Tan leather covers the custom saddle and is matched by the fork mounted tool kit. The Royal Enfield Himalayan’s 411cc single already offers great mileage so that jerry can on the back doesn’t contain any fuel. Instead, it’s been modified to work as extra storage by hinging the top half.

All in all the Gannet and the Kings have created something unique out of Enfield’s modest dual sport. If the idea of owning it appeals you can enter to win in here.


Photography by Bas Duijs Fotografie

Wrench Kings Himalayan

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