Wrench Kings

Wrench Kings

Wrench Kings
P.C. Staalweg 50 3721 TJ Bilthoven The Netherlands

We are Wrench Kings we build dreams. So hey that must make us dream builders.

Our goal is to enjoy life, share the love and spend our time living our dream, that’s why we have created Wrench Kings.

We create and execute motorcycles that trigger the core of our mind, in order to do so we take the following royal steps to happiness: Dream, Explore & Discover. It can be applied to almost anything in life!

So that covers the dreamy part – what the heck are we about? We deliver the key to your dream motorcycle to explore endless adventures – big or small that’s up to you! With our team, we strive to make your bike unique and improve riding quality, whilst building your dream machine we drink a cup of coffee or beer depending on the moment of the day.


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