Return of the Cafe Racers - Riding Gear – Icon 1000 Construct Helmets

Riding Gear – Icon 1000 Construct Helmets

Are you obsessed with the inner workings of man-made objects? There’s something intriguing about being able to see how something has been put together. Whether it’s the individual components in an engine or what’s inside your riding gear that makes it safe. The crew at Icon 1000 have figured out how to satisfy your curiosity without having to dismantle anything. Their Construct series of motorcycle helmets let you peer beneath the surface of the helmet to discover what usually goes unseen.

Icon 1000 Variant Pro Construct

The Construct finish is achieved by applying a clear coat to each helmets outer shell rather than opaque paint. This leaves the internal layers of fibreglass, Dyneema and Carbon fibre exposed for all to see. Just like the Emperor’s New Clothes, without the embarrassment. Icon has done this to prove a point, which is that their helmets are made well. So well in fact that they’re prepared to put their hard work on display. They can do this confidently because these helmets are meticulously made and finished by hand.

The Construct colourway can be found on 2 helmets in the range, the Icon 1000 Variant Pro and Icon 1000 Airframe Pro. The Construct also comes in either a natural white or a black fibre resin finish and each is coated in a matte Rubatone. Add a smoked visor to either style and you’ve got a unique lid that’s sure to get plenty of comments from fellow riders.

Icon 1000 Variant Pro Construct


The Variant Pro is the Adventure Touring style helmet in the Icon 1000 range. It has a decidedly futuristic look (think Halo Master Chief) about it with its bubbled visor and large monocoque peak. Icon supply a range of different visor options for the Variant and all external fixtures are finished using a satin black Rubatone. You’ll also find mesh covering the air vents in the chin bar and Icons unmistakable emblem laid into the back of the shell.

These helmets aren’t all about looks though. The Icon 1000 Variant Pro meets or exceeds all-world safety standards, including the USA, Australia, Europe and Japan; making it suitable for global use. The helmet has been wind tunnel tested to minimise fatigue and there are 8 vents providing ample internal airflow. The visors utilise a fog-free coating to ensure a clear line of sight and this helmet sits at the lighter end of the Icon range. As for comfort, Icon has designed a fitment system that allows 27 different padding combinations to accommodate every head shape.

Icon 1000 Airframe Pro Construct


The Icon 1000 Airframe Pro is a more traditional full face, sports bike styled helmet. The Airframe gets its name from its superior ventilation system that consists of 9 intakes and 7 exhaust ports. Once it enters the helmet air is channeled through ridges in the helmets lining to keep it flowing freely. This makes it a great option for warmer weather conditions and climates. Like the Variant, the Airframe Pro Construct sits at the lighter end of the scale while still satisfying world safety standards (DOT/ECE/SAI/SG).

Icon 1000 Airframe Pro Construct

It’s no secret we’re big fans of Icon 1000 gear in these parts. It’s their ‘outside the box’ thinking and ‘dare to be different’ approach that appeals the most and it’s showcased perfectly by their Construct helmets. So whether you’re looking for a unique street helmet or simply want to satisfy your own curiosity an Icon Construct helmet may be just the thing.


Icon 1000 Variant Pro Construct

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