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Unholy Temptation – Icon 1000 Homemade Sin HD Dyna

The ICON 1000 crew don’t pull any punches – from the wild graphics they emblazon on their riding gear to their open throttle, smoking rubber approach to marketing videos. And the same goes for their unhinged approach to custom motorcycle building.

The latest Icon 1000 tour de force is ‘Homemade Sin’, a heavily modified Harley Davidson Dyna powered by an S&S powerplant. It’s another mind-boggling eclectic creation from the Portland crew, and it’s anything but subtle.

“Obscenely wide and built for glory, ‘Homemade Sin’ was every bit a V-twin minus the Milwaukee blessing.” – Icon 1000

Homemade Sin started its life as a 2013 Harley Davidson Dyna, but very little remains of the traditionally chrome-covered, highway cruiser.

At the core of the build is an S&S T124 Black Edition v-twin motor. It’s 350cc bigger than the Dyna powerplant so, as you’d expect, it adds a significant boost in performance. To push power even further the Icon crew fitted the motor with a free-flowing S&S air cleaner, tuned the fueling and built a set of custom 2-into-1 headers which are capped off with an S&S can.

The job of delivering all that additional power to the rear wheel was then tasked to a Belt Drives Ltd. clutch and chain conversion.

The Icon crew won’t settle for anything that isn’t up to the extreme riding they demand from their motorcycles. In order to get the Dyna up to scratch, its suspension and brakes have been given an exhaustive overhaul.

Mounted to the neck of the frame is a set of USD Ducati Monster forks with Nitron Suspension internals. But in order to fit them to the frame, the forks required a unique triple tree setup. Icon found the solution in the form of a specially designed yoke which was made by Ducati for a Monster build-off comp in the early 2000s. For the rear, build partners Nitron Suspension provided a pair of their NTR R3 twin piggyback shocks that offer 3-way performance adjustment.

Icon 1000 Homemade Sin

To shed some unsprung weight from the Dyna the steel swingarm was swapped out using a Roaring Toys aluminium setup. Following suit are a set of vintage 16-inch Abe cast alloy rims and they’ve been wrapped in wide (150-f/160-r) Avon Cobra Chrome rubber.

Stopping power upgrades come in the form of AP Racing callipers that bite down on EBC rotors. To keep the front end looking clean the Icon team cleverly machined a custom front brake rotor that mimics the spoke pattern of the wheel.

“As ugly as Homemade Sin and twice as fast, she, like most ICON builds, is an acquired taste.” – Icon 1000

Icon 1000 HD Dyna

In textbook Icon 1000 style Homemade Sin looks mean as hell. Built to cafe racer spec the Dyna is devoid of any excess, and it’s been stripped of the heavy bodywork it was allocated at the Milwaukee factory. Instead, it wears tinware straight out of Japan in the form of a modified Honda CB900F fuel tank. The tail unit is CB900F inspired too but is actually a modified replica that Icon built themselves using a 3D printer and fibreglass. Along with tweaking the underside of the Honda fuel tank the Icon crew cut away the stock filler and welded Endurance Racing style twin filler caps in its place. It may be unconventional and possibly even pointless, but it certainly does look the business.

Icon 1000 Homemade Sin

Adding to the list of Honda components on this heavily modified Harley is a collection of parts from a rather unexpected donor, a 1969 Honda Dream. Most notably the fork shrouds and headlight assembly. Adding to the absurdity of this odd pairing is the fact that the Dream speedo has been swapped out with an ashtray and there’s a functioning 12V cigarette lighter integrated into the side of it. The reasoning behind this custom oddity is that Icon’s design Director, Kurt Walter, made a similar modification to his first bike which also happened to be a Honda Moped.

Nestled behind the Honda headlamp sits an additional oil cooler that’s flanked by a set of clip-on handlebars. The bars are wearing Magura HC1 levers and Renthal grips. The striking simplicity of the revised cockpit was made possible by the fact that Icon has no intention of running this bike on the street.

Icon 1000 Homemade Sin

Since a maiden voyage on the streets of Portland wasn’t an option for this unlicensed beast Icon made other plans.

At the same time as Homemade Sin was being put together, the Icon team were toiling away on a 4 wheeled project. Coined “Bone Stock” it’s the first Icon 1000 car build and was based on an ex-Monte Carlo stock car. The race-prepped Chevrolet is running a 355ci V8 and it accompanied Homemade Sin to an abandoned race circuit where the pair went head to head.

Unfortunately, the victor of the day’s racing remains unknown, but whether it’s a poor bet or not, our money would have been on the Harley.

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