Icon 1000 Honda EZ-90

What the hell is that thing!? It’s another apocalyptic custom from the Icon 1000 crew, but unlike the other bikes in the 1000 series the “THUG LIFE” Honda EZ-90 Cub has had relatively few modifications…due to the fact that it looked pretty damn bizarre in the first place.

The EZ-90 Cub was Hondas family bike of the early nineties. Designed to make motorcycles less “antisocial” the EZ-90 hid all of it’s running gear beneath it’s “futuristic” plastic bodywork. An automatic transmission made it easy to ride and it’s off road ability made it the ultimate family leisure bike. Powered by a 2-stroke 90cc single cylinder engine it was no road racer but it was guaranteed to deliver plenty of grins.

Unlike Icon’s other 1000 series bikes the EZ-90 was never going to be a battle ready bike. Incapable of tackling the harsh wastelands of an apocalyptic future it was instead designed to be a scout, patrolling the perimeter of the survivors stronghold protecting them against bandits and mutants…or at least something like that.


Icon named their EZ-90 “Thug Life” after the the abuse and lack of care so many EZ-90’s experienced by delinquent kids on family holidays. Many of these bikes, which today could be considered collectors items, were run into the ground and left for dead. Thug Life was found in Washington by the Icon crew who quickly added it to the ranks of the 1000 series. With such a unique looking starting point Thug Life needed very little modification to make it at home amongst the other 1000 series motorcycles.
Front and rear brush cages equipped with enough PIAA lighting to illuminate a stadium and a spare tire on the back and it was ready to go. Add to that some Icon 1000 decals and a hand painted Tinkerbell logo and Thug Life is ready for action. I can just see the security guys now, arguing over whose turn it is to ride out on patrol next.