Top 10 youtube motorcycle channels

10 must follow YouTube motorcycle channels

What we love most about motorcycle lovers is how obsessive they are when it comes to anything with two wheels. There are countless YouTubers looking to share their experiences and insights through video content, but it takes more than just enthusiasm to make great viewing. So in no particular order, here are 10 of our favourite Youtube motorcycle channels that you should be following…

The Bikeshed Youtube

1. The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club

Self-proclaimed leaders of the ‘new wave motorcycle scene’ the Bike Shed have to be some of the hardest working content producers out there. They live and breath motorcycles. This Youtube motorcycle channel has absolutely everything motorcycle lovers could want, covering gear and motorcycle reviews, shed builds and events. If you want to keep up with what’s happening in the UK custom scene, these guys have their finger on the pulse like no one else. Visit channel >

Fuller Moto Youtube

2. Fuller Moto

His YouTube introduction says it all, “Rolling works of art”. Bike builder Bryan Fuller is truly a mechanical artist. His channel is a great mix of bike builds, how-to videos and car shows. The only critique we have is that there needs to be more videos! We can’t wait to see what Bryan comes out with next. Visit channel >

3. Purpose Built Moto

Aussie builder Purpose Built Moto hasn’t been in the game for long at all, but he’s definitely one to watch. Quickly making a name for his garage as one of the best in Australia, his build videos are well-produced, and watching is just like hanging out with a mate. Make sure you check out the Purpose Built build series that documents custom bike builds from start to finish. Visit channel >

Ichiban Moto Youtube

Tahitian Biker

4. Ichiban Moto

Ichiban moto is great watching, but be sure to take his advice with a grain of salt. Poking fun at the Café Racer scene in the most hilarious way. If you’re in the mood for a good laugh and don’t take yourself too seriously, this is the place for you. You’ll find misguided tutorials, fake products and some truly unique motorcycle satire on Ichiban Moto, we give it 5 out of 5 Ichiban moto stickers! Visit channel >

5. Tahitian Rider

If there’s one person we’d love to ride with on our weekends, it’s Tahitian Rider. His Youtube motorcycle channel is an awesome mix of inspired café racer builds presented as easy to watch time-lapses and wicked ATV adventure rides set to heavy metal tracks. Watching this guy unleash his raptor on the picturesque Tahiti landscapes is so much fun! Visit channel >

Motobob Youtube

Raw Metal Racers Youtube

6. MotoBob

Moto-journalism at its finest. Motobob’s channel is kind of like Top Gear but for motorcycle enthusiasts. He has some really great expertise on everything new and old when it comes to motorbikes. Covering new releases, customs and everything in between. Visit channel >

7. Raw Metal Racers

This custom bike garage in the Netherlands has produced some truly beautiful machines. Their videos range from parts modifications to full bike builds, they don’t limit themselves when it comes to bike building and their passion for what they do really shows in the finished product. A special mention has to go to their two-part series on a Honda Shadow VT1100 Bobber build, definitely worth the watch. Visit channel >

Revival Cycles Youtube

8. Revival Cycles

“The seamless blending of visual design with technical excellence” – that pretty much sums it up. The expertise, passion and creativity offered up by the Revival Cycles channel is masterful. These builders are continuously pushing the limits of motorcycle aesthetics and are true heroes that represent the history of where the custom motorcycle scene has come from. Visit channel >

For the Bold Youtube

FortNine Youtube

9. For The Bold

For the Bold is another bike builder out of the UK that absolutely pumps out content. The Café Racer builds that roll out of their shop is well thought out and easily achievable by any garage builder. This Youtube motorcycle channel offers some great advice for all kinds of garage bike builders. From parts reviews to in-depth tutorials and ride videos. Visit channel >

10. FortNine

Motorcycle journalism isn’t what it used to be. To keep advertisers onside many publications sugarcoat their ride reviews. FortNine is bucking the trend by telling it like it is. They can do this due to their unique position as Canada’s biggest online retailer of motorcycle goods. FortNine followers compare their motorcycle reviews to Top Gear episodes and their host, RyanF9, is an eloquent, well-versed rider of all things two wheels. Put all that together and you’ve got yourself a winning Youtube formula. Visit channel >

Krank Engineering Youtube

Honourable Mentions (Other Youtube Motorcycle channels we love)

Krank Engineering

Matt Mcleod of Krank Engineering takes a bit of a different approach to the other Youtubers on this list. Matt’s goal is to help you learn the skills you need to service your own motorcycle or complete a ground-up custom build. As a qualified mechanical engineer and adult trainer/lecturer his videos are easy to follow and will help you to upskill yourself. Matt also offers extended training programs through the Krank Engineering website so be sure to check that out too. Visit channel >

Favourite Aussie Channel: Marlon

Get ready to experience Aussie humour at it’s finest. Marlon’s channel would really benefit from some new content, but what’s there is sure to keep you coming back for repeat viewings. He’s an Australian motorcycle enthusiast and backyard mechanic. His clever dialogue, hilarious editing and an endless run of side-splitting jokes will have you hitting the replay button over and over. When you’re done watching them all be sure to click the subscribe button to encourage him to keep producing these celluloid gems. Visit channel >