Return of the Cafe Racers - Reborn Bonnie – Gasoline Motor Co Triumph Blak

Reborn Bonnie – Gasoline Motor Co Triumph Blak

The fear associated with crashing a motorcycle is two-fold. From an outsiders view it is the rider who they fear for the most, for the rider it’s his beloved motorcycle. It defies logic but as you pick yourself up off the road before you’ve even assessed the damage to your own body you’re already fearing the worst for your bike. This was undoubtedly the feeling that Sydney rider Mixy experienced when he laid his 2014 Triumph Bonneville down. Thankfully his body wasn’t too badly battered, unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for his beloved bike.

Gasolina custom Triumph Bonneville

The damage to Mixy’s Triumph left it inoperable with the tank smashed, side covers badly gouged and the front end left in questionable condition. Mixy had already begun the task of customizing his bike before the accident, so rather than having it repaired to stock, he delivered the Bonneville to Gasoline Motor Co. where it would take on a whole new appearance and a healthy serving of attitude.

Gasoline custom Triumph Bonneville

After removing all of the damaged parts Gasoline discussed options with Mixy. Since the fuel tank was a right off an opportunity presented itself to create something unique. Mixy expressed his love for the look of Yamaha’s SR400 tank but adapting one to fit the Bonneville was near impossible. So the Gasoline set about building one from scratch. The handmade aluminum tank they created transformed the look of the Bonneville giving it a sportier demeanor so it made perfect sense to continue the look throughout the rest of the rebuild.

Gasoline custom Triumph Bonneville

The damaged front end was replaced using a set of blacked out USD forks from a Suzuki GSXR. Fitting them to the Triumph headstock was made possible by machining a custom top clamp from aluminium into which has been recessed a Motogadget Classic speedometer. To keep the bikes revised cockpit clean the ignition was removed and a keyless Motogadget M-Lock system installed. The stock switch blocks were also replaced with slick pushbutton units from fellow Aussie workshop Purpose Built Moto.

Gasoline custom Triumph Bonneville

For the Bonneville’s wheels, Gasoline opted for a set of US made Canyon TT cast rims, designed specifically for the new Thruxton R. The twin wave discs on the front and single at the rear are paired with Galfer brakes for ample of stopping power. Fitting the wheels to the Bonnie was achieved by machining a custom axle and spacers up front and installing an offset sprocket to get the 190 wide rear wheel to roll true. With the bike taking on a sportier vibe Gasoline opted for corner devouring Diablo Supercorsa Pirelli rubber.

Gasoline custom Triumph Bonneville

Both the hand and foot controls of the Bonneville have been relocated for a more aggressive riding position. Clip-on handlebars hang off the GSXR fork legs and custom mounted rear sets position the rider’s feet well away from the road surface. Rear end proportions have been tightened with a subframe chop and custom loop install that features integrated LED brake and indicator lights. The custom seat is a one-off created by a member of the Gasoline team from fiberglass before being wrapped in suede by Badarse Trim Co. in Sydney. Lighting up the front end are a pair of ultra-small indicators from Kellerman and the only splash of color you’ll find on the bike, a yellow tint, grilled headlight.

Gasoline custom Triumph Bonneville

To complete their vision of a ‘dark, modern café racer’ Gasoline finished the Bonneville in nothing but black. To add depth they used a mix of satin and gloss paint on the frame, engine, and bodywork and finished it off with a gloss black tank stripe and 1930s style Triumph decals.

Imagine the stress that Mixy could have been spared if at the time of his accident he’d known it would result in such a beastly looking Bonneville.


Gasoline custom Triumph Bonneville

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