Suzuki GS550 Race Cream

Considering they have been around since the early 1950’s and that they have produced a few historically significant motorcycles in that time, I haven’t posted many custom Suzuki’s on this site. The reason for this bewilders me, but rather than start hypothesising as to why this might be, let’s get straight into drooling over this beauty! This is the ‘Race Cream’ a Suzuki GS550 custom built to classic Cafe Racer specification with some tidy modern touches.

The Suzuki GS550 ‘Race Cream’ is the latest build by Matteucci Garage whose Moto Guzzi ‘Black Boot’ stirred up quite a response a couple of months ago. The ‘Race Cream’ demonstrates the same high level of finish and unique design details we saw on the ‘Black Boot’ and considering these are the only 2 bikes Matteucci has built to date, there are sure to be more great builds from this Italian workshop in the future.

“This time I wanted to create something more, a lot more detail and only one month to create it from scratch. Its tail has been designed and constructed from sheet metal and the modification of the tank includes inserts made of genuine leather. The instrumentation has been completely revised with the addition of a cylinder with LED indicators held by the original handlebar risers. Each piece was hand-built in my garage. I have not seen many Suzuki GS Cafe Racers before and I’m happy with the result”

The 1979 Suzuki GS550 was completely disassembled, repainted and restored. Matteucci modified the GS tank, adding in knee dents and lining them with the same tan leather he used for the bikes seat. The Suzuki’s rear loop was modified before the hand shaped tail end was formed around it making it a perfect fit to the frame. Clip on bars replaced the stock items and bar end, LED indicators keep the front end clean from clutter. Finally the Suzuki’s wheels were powder coated in matte black before being wrapped in controversial Firestone Champion Deluxe tires. Maybe some time in the future we might see a Hayabusa based Cafe Racer? I will keep on dreaming…