Derringer Cycles: good things in small packages

Who ever said “Good things come in small packages” didn’t know the half of it…

Derringer Cycles ethos comes from a deep admiration of the boardtrack racers of the 1920’s. While you won’t be getting quite the same open throttle, white knuckled experience associated with Boardtrackers, you will get a beautifully styled, one of a kind motorbike/bicycle thingy (?).


“Made at the intersection of  nostalgia and adrenaline”


The Derringers moto-hybrid drive train features a dual chain set up, one chain is powered by an overhead valve,  4 stroke motor that will take it’s rider up to 180 miles on a single gallon of fuel, while the other is powered by a set of bicycle pedals and man power. The 50cc engine can zip you around town at around 35mph which isn’t bad for a non-registered, open licence vehicle. A GGB gearbox and centifugal clutch control the gear changes while a freewheel set up allows the pedals stay stationary while the engine’s running. A 70mm drum front brake and coaster rear brake provide the stopping power.



Each hand made Derringer is stylisly finished with custom details like hammered copper rivets, Brooks leather components (saddle, tool bags, etc), non-black tyres (if the customer desires) and custom paint work. Custom orders can be placed through the Derringer website with all prices POA.


The fixie craze has seen it’s day…and they were never this cool!



“A heritage of speed and danger.
A pedigree of exceptional engineering.
An aesthetic unlike anything on the road.
For the discerning rider, it is the next
generation motorbike.”


And the name? Well it’s a salute to the Derringer pistol…who says size matters?