Bike Of The Day: Triton Cafe Racer

This café racer, named “Triton,” was constructed using a 1950s Norton Dominator Wideline Featherbed frame and a rebuilt Triumph T140 750cc engine. The moniker “Triton” originates from the fusion of the Triumph drivetrain and Norton frame.

The motorcycle boasts features such as electronic ignition, fuel and oil tanks crafted by The Tank Shop of Scotland, a dual-outlet exhaust system, custom wheels with shouldered alloy hoops and stainless spokes, and powder-coated hubs and brake drum housings.

The source of power is a refurbished 750cc parallel twin engine, sourced from a 1973 Triumph T140, and it’s outfitted with electronic ignition. Transmitting power to the rear wheel is a distinct 5-speed transmission with chain drive, and the only instrument present is an oil pressure gauge that emerges directly from the crankcase.

Source: Bring A Trailer