Interview: Rob Hamilton, Motorcycle Photographer

Like Deus ex Machina, the Distinguished Gentlemans Ride and sweating while riding, Rob Hamilton and his ‘MotoFeelz’ brand is a staple of the Sydney motorcycle scene. If you’ve seen a post on a certain, very popular, custom bike blog about a cool Sydney bike, chances are the photos were taken by Rob. And don’t get me started about his Instagram channel. It’s top shelf.

But like all great content creators, we don’t often get to hear about why they do what they do. They are oftentimes so busy making content about the subjects they love, they’ll leave their own stories by the side of the road. So in an effort to rectify this, we wrestled Rob off his bike, took away his keys and forced him to answer a few personal questions. Here’s what he said.

*All photos courtesy of Rob Hamilton

Motorcyclists on a freeway

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