Return of the Cafe Racers - Gear Review – Nexx XG100 R Helmet

Gear Review – Nexx XG100 R Helmet

If you’re anything like me and have a strange obsession with motorcycle helmets you would have noticed the green and gold item that appeared alongside our custom Bonneville T120, the ‘Mongrel’. The helmet, which looks as though it was made to go with the bike, is actually a standard color scheme in Nexx Helmets new X.G100 R range. After the shoot, I managed to slip away with the helmet under my arm so after riding with it for a few weeks here’s my review of Nexx’s latest lid.

Nexx XG100R motorcycle helmet review

This isn’t the first time I’ve featured a helmet from the folks at Nexx Helmets. Last time around I trialed its predecessor the X.G100. I still have that helmet and its still getting plenty of use, which is a testament to how impressed I was with it. It does, however, have its shortcomings. The original X.G100 lacked a permanent visor. Instead, it came with a set of goggles that attached using a pair of press studs on the sides of the helmet. While it certainly looked the part the goggles couldn’t easily be raised to let in more air or quickly detached and reattached while on the move. This resulted in me not using them at all and falling back on a pair of sunglasses (not ideal I know).


Nexx XG100R motorcycle helmet review

With the new X.G100 R Nexx have dispelled my issues with the goggles by adding a traditional flip-up visor. The visor offers great optics and can be quickly raised using a thumb tab that’s built into its design. This is perhaps the biggest difference between the original X.G100 and the new R version, but there are several other improvements that take this helmet from good to great.

The exterior of the X.G100 R is pretty much identical to the previous model. It’s a great looking retro styled lid that would look right at home on James Hunt’s head during his F1 heyday. When it comes to paint schemes Nexx continues to create some of my favorite color combinations. The green gold and black Motordrome resounded with me particularly well, for obvious reasons, but there are a plethora of other cool combinations to choose from.

Nexx XG100R motorcycle helmet review

At first glance, the interior of the X.G100 R appears to be identical to the X.G100, but there are a few fundamental changes that make the world of difference. Firstly the lining itself is made from a new material that Nexx calls ‘cushiony and luxurious’, and it is. In the previous helmet, the lining seemed to be polyester which got a tad sweaty on warmer days. The new lining is made from a suede-like material that wicks moisture better and feels much more comfortable against my bald head. The lining is also tan brown which adds a real touch of class, even if you’re the only one that knows it’s there. Nexx also states that the lining uses their X-Mart Dry technology that dries twice as fast cotton and improved insulation in cooler conditions.


Nexx XG100R motorcycle helmet review

Another interior improvement is the ability to close off the vent at the front of the helmet. The vertical mesh covered grill in the chin is the helmets primary ventilation source, but there are still times when blocking out the breeze is essential. The X.G100 R also came with a chin deflector installed that will help with both reducing internal airflow and wind noise.

Constructed from fiberglass, aramid and carbon fibers the X.G100 R meets both DOT and ECE standards. Safety has also been addressed with the design of the visor using “unbreakable” PC Lexan that is both fog and scratch resistant. The visor can also be easily switched out with a range of different colors and finishes. For the perfect fit Nexx have created 2 outer shell sizes so those of smaller build need not worry about bobble head syndrome. To keep it on your head there’s a standard double-d ring buckle strap.

Nexx XG100R motorcycle helmet review

The X.G100 R tips the scales at around 1300 grams or 2.8 pounds. That’s less than an Arai Corsair X at half the price. Nexx has also done a decent job of reducing wind noise inside the helmet by paying attention to how the helmet fits around the chin and cheeks. As with all retro helmets wind noise is a compromise, but compared to others I’ve owned the X.G100 R is the best of the bunch.

Retro helmets are here to stay. They may lack the features of a top of the range Shoei or Arai full faced alternative, but if you want the right look for your retro ride I’d recommend giving the Nexx X.G100 R a go.

Nexx XG100R motorcycle helmet review

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