Wheels and Waves 2 video coverage

The second instalment of the Southsider MC’s “Wheels and Waves” festival took place on the 13th – 16th of June in Biarritz, France. Attendances and bike numbers were up and many well known custom scene celebrities went along to join in the fun. It also seems as though the number of photographers and film crews also increased substantially as we’ve seen a constant stream of content popping up around the internet since the event wrapped up. I’ve pulled together a few of the best videos here so for those of you who couldn’t make it along (like me) can get a good taste of what went on.

Wheels & Waves Official video:

Why did we bring together motorcycles and surfing for a second event ? A question that we are often being asked. The answer lies in the notion of freedom that is drawn from these two disciplines – and the resulting danger and adrenaline that are two significant and common reactions. “Riding” is addictive, we are in need of this vital energy. Wheels and Waves is a unique opportunity for us to gather and share our passions in a stunning region and environment. We’ve loved making and living this event, the story is far from over as we imagine new surprises for the next edition.” – Southsider MC

Ton Up Garage “Diary of a Journey”:

Join the team from Ton Up Garage on their road trip out to the Wheels and Waves show from Portugal up into France. The almost 7 minute long film features plenty of great footage from the show as well as some beautifully shot riding scenes through the French countryside.


The Ride by Gestalten.tv:

In conjunction with Chris Hunter from Bike Exif, Gestalten.tv went along to the event to shoot a promotional video for their up and coming book, ‘The Ride‘. You can pre-order the 300 page book that features the best custom builders and workshops from around the world now on Amazon. If you’re into custom bikes than this is one book you’ll want to make sure is part of your library.

Wheels and Waves     |     Southsiders MC     |     Photos by David Marvier