Roads We Ride Waterfall Way

Roads We Ride – Waterfall Way

Here’s the latest edition of ‘Roads We Ride’, a collaboration between the folks at Pipeburn, Stories of Bike and Transport for NSW. In this edition of ‘Roads We Ride’ we head 6 hours north of Sydney to Waterfall Way. The 185km stretch of road is one of Australia’s most spectacular. Weaving its way through 7 national parks, over mountain tops and past cascading waterfalls it has been awarded with being one of Australia’s most beautiful tourist drives.

In this video, we join local rider Peter Dawson who has been riding Waterfall Way regularly for several years. Peter explains some of the considerations motorcyclists need to make when tackling this picturesque stretch of road. Visual distractions, heavy vehicles, unpredictable road conditions and narrow passes are just a few of the things we as riders need to stay aware of when traveling along this awesome stretch of road. Staying alert and planning ahead is essential for any rider tackling Waterfall Way.

Ride to Live.