The One Motorcycle Show 2012

See See Motorcycles “The One Motorcycle show” has wrapped up for another year and it looks like it’s getting bigger every year. Dave Friesen sent us these photos from the event (thanks buddy) plus an 11 minute videoyou can watch on the Return of the Cafe Racers facebook page.

As Plato imagined a table, we imagined a motorcycle. We were thinking a lot about Mr. Plato’s words on the image of a table. The idea is perfect and the product; susceptible to elements and unknown factors, could never be perfect. The idea for us was the One Motorcycle: the stripped down, real deal, simple machine. It was then that we realized we knew a handful of motorcycle builders that in turn knew a handful of builders who all specialize in that ‘ONE’ type of bike. From there, the idea grew. Our theme for the show would be “The One Motorcycle.”

As the show grows in popularity so has the list of builders which now includes some very well known players in the custom scene. Builders displaying their motorcycles this year included Vicious cyclesDeusRSD, Twinline MotorcyclesUnion Motorcycles4Q ConditioningCheshire MotorcyclesMoto GaloreD.T.C.DJ CyclesJoe SignsG&H cyclesRose City Motorcycle MuseumHoliday MotorcyclesPuddle CuttersIcon MotorcyclesCody AdamsMoto CzyszJulian Farnam, Randall Swan, Dr. Brown, See See motorcyclesDelta Chop Shop plus loads more.

The following photos are from fellow motorcycle lover and blogger Moto Lady who was lucky enough to attend the event in person.

As with previous years a top notch photographer was invited to the event to capture the bikes and a book will be available to purchase soon. For more details and to place an order click here.

Icon’s Magnificent Bastard was even in attendance just in case WWIII broke out during the show…you can never be too prepared!