Ellaspede Dust Hustle

With the increased popularity of custom motorcycles comes with it a new found interest in motorcycle racing. While there’s nothing new about Flat Track racing (hell it’s one of the oldest forms of racing being around since the 1920s) there’s been an interesting twist added to it which has attracted a whole new generation of potential racers. While the events are all a bit tongue in cheek and more fun than competitive it’s always great to see riders having a crack at racing…no matter how ridiculous it may be. Forged by the crew at Sideburn magazine “Dirt Quake” was the first “anything goes” Flat Track event of its kind and it’s spawned several copycat style events around the globe, including one held by the crew at Ellaspede here in Australia called the “Dust Hustle”. The Dust Hustle attracted a huge group of both riders and spectators and the whole crazy, dirty mess was captured on video…check it out…

“Dust Hustle is Ellaspede’s day on the dirt for anyone to roll out and ride whatever rig they can throw a leg over! 

‘Bring it and ping it’ is the theme for this foot down dust up, with an emphasis on the wacky experience over the racing seriousness. Classes for this dirt flirt include everything from slush box scooters through to risky road bikes, and everything in between. Roll out with your class for a morning of free laps to soak up the surroundings and slip into your rhythm. Then slide into an afternoon of relaxed races with a radical twist, sans the red mist!”