TBC Steven Project CB750

Custom motorcycle builds usually start out as an idea, but more often than not ideas change. While these changes usually come about because of a lack of funds, time limitations or perhaps unavailability of parts the ‘Steven Project’ Honda CB750 came about because of a heartbreaking accident. Tim Bradham was on the look out for a bike to build into the next TBC Works shop bike. Searching on Craigslist for an affordable donor he stumbled across a stock CB750 for the right price. Tim contacted the seller and what he then discovered changed his shop bike idea into a heartfelt dedication to a fallen rider.

When Tim discovered the bike for sale he promptly picked up the phone to negotiate the purchase. “Upon contacting the seller I found out it was a longtime friend of mine, Dennis Robinson. The bike had belongedto his brother Steven and it had been be his daily rider. He went on to tell me that Steven had always wanted a Harley and shortly after buying one he was out riding when a truck pulled out in front of him, he laid the bike down, went under the truck and his life was taken.” After hearing the emotional account of Stevens death Tim knew straight away that the CB750 he purchased from Dennis would take on a new purpose, which was to commemorate Steven.

It was decided to transform the stock Honda ’78 CB750 into a Cafe Racer/Isle of Man style race bike. Influenced by his love for Ducati’s and old Porsches the design consisted of an aggressive stance using a high tail section and low front end with a heavily revised suspension set up. Over the following 12 months Tim and business partner Josh Cipra worked rebuilding the bike with the plan of unveiling the bike to the Robinson family.

A Suzuki GSXR provided the front forks and rear swing arm which was modified to fit the mono shock to the CB750 frame. Kawasaki ZX1000 wheels were modified to fit the GSXR brakes and custom sprokets were fabricated to keep the chain running true. The fuel tank is an early model Honda LeMans Buffalo and the new tail section was made in house and it incorporate an LED brake light in the tubing and feature a rear cowl that doubles as the oil tank. The trick 4-into-2 stainless exhaust system was also completed in house and designed to hug the curves of the CB frame before exiting beneath tail.

As the frame is so open the boys have hidden the bulk of the bikes wiring and electrical components are under the tank including an Antigravity 8 cell battery. The headlight, which comes from an old tractor was mounted using custom brackets and the triple trees were shaved clean after clip on bars were added; and finally the paint, including ‘The Steven Project’ graphics were done by TBC Works team member Robbie.

12  months after the bike was rolled into the TBC workshop it was ready to present to the Robinson family. “Overall The Steven Project made the Robinson family super happy. To have this beautiful piece of rolling art built in Steven’s name was a very special experience.”