Return of the Cafe Racers - Brotherly Build – Fabbris Moto Honda CB750

Brotherly Build – Fabbris Moto Honda CB750

Michele and his brother Marco launched their workshop, Fabbris Moto, in 2007. The pair share a passion for both race bikes and classic motorcycles. This, of course, means the brothers have a penchant for building cafe racers and their latest project follows suit. Based on a ’92 Honda CB750 the UJM has been given the full cafe treatment for a close friend and customer.

“Luca asked me for a custom build that wasn’t too extreme,” recalls Michele. “I know the seven-fifty platform well because I started my career as a Honda technician. At first, he wasn’t convinced he liked the shape of the standard bike, but after I showed him some sketches he accepted my proposal”.

Fabbris CB750 cafe racer

The project kicked off when Michele purchased their donor in Milan. After relocating the CB750 to Fabbris HQ in Verona, it was promptly stripped to see just how much of the frame they’d need to modify. During this stage, the question was raised as to whether they would retain the stock Honda fuel tank. The positives included reducing the cost of the build while the cons meant accepting that the tank would influence the final outcome. As with any project, budget dictated direction, and the tank was retained. But the brothers were determined to not let this detract from the final result.

Thankfully, despite its 90s origins, the CB tank was well suited to a cafe racer project. The stock side covers and subframe, however, were not. So both have been discarded from this bike. A custom rear hoop closes off the tail and tightens the CB’s proportions. The space where the side covers once sat has been left open to visually lighten the rear end. The new seat is a hand-shaped fibreglass unit with room for only one, but you’ll notice the passenger pegs remain. This is because Fabbris built 2 seats for this project allowing Luca to switch them around as required.

To level out the Honda’s stance Fabbris have milled their own top yoke. This allowed for the installation of a Suzuki GSXR 1100 front end. The 41mm upside forks beef things up and give this CB a much sportier appearance. The rear suspension has also been drastically upgraded using a set of Ohlins shocks which Fabbris had custom made for this project. For improved stopping power, the GSXR brakes were upgraded to 310mm discs. Although these are significant improvements, Michele also tells us there are plans in place for improving the handling even further. This will be achieved with the fitment of an Ohlins front end and Kineo spoked rims.

Custom Honda CB750

When it came to power improvements the brothers focused primarily on increasing the flow of air and fuel. Conical filters and a rejet of each carb stepped things up at the intake end while a pair of EMGO mufflers free up the exhaust. Work on the electrics was much more extensive. The Honda now runs a custom wiring loom and a lightweight battery. All of the electrics previously stashed behind the side covers now live inside the space beneath the saddle. Motogadget supplied the switches and a Motoscope gauge while Lightech provided LED turn signals and dual function tail lights.

To finish things off the Fabbris brothers raided the LSL catalogue. The shopping list included LSL levers, rear-set footpegs, bar-end mirrors, clip-on bars and a set of headlight brackets. As for how the Honda now performs, Michele tells us that it’s “a very reliable and efficient bike like every Honda, but much more exciting. The rider position is more aggressive and the sound is really addictive.” Our only complaint about this impressive CB750 is that we don’t get to ride it.


Fabbris CB750 cafe racer Fabbris CB750 cafe racer

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