Return of the Cafe Racers - Dime City Cycles Honda Four Hundred

Dime City Cycles Honda Four Hundred

I’m a huge fan of hand-rendered lettering and I love the style used on this bike. It gives the Four Hundred a real Hot Rod/Rockabilly feel. It’s an amalgamation of two styles from different parts of the globe and different subcultures that I’ve started to notice at many different events and is definitely one that I hope continues to evolve.

The DCC Four Hundred is based on a 1975 Honda CB400F and has been featured in season 2 of Cafe Racer TV which is now airing in the States. The Four Hundred underwent testing with AMA Superbike rider, Erik Bostrom in an episode of the series and here’s what he day to say about the bike:

“I’m fairly certain this has to be one of the coolest motors ever built. The extra beans from the Yosh kit installed by the Dime City crew no doubt accentuated this sensation. But that’s exactly what this bike is to ride, a sensation. As if a 2-stroke and 4-stroke were morphed together, the high revving little engine screams to life as the tach approaches red-line. Keeping her in the power range keeps you on your toes but not so much so that your fighting to stay “on the pipe”. The tune that follows is transcending, as if your twisting through the Isle and Mike the Bike is racing right beside you. The infamous pitch of the inline Honda generates an image in your mind and a grin on your face. You can’t not fall in love with this bike.”



  • 1975 CB 400 Four Super Sport
  • Vintage Ducati Replica Race Fuel Tank & Fairing
  • Dime City Original Wasp Rear Seat Section
  • Dime City Original Lower Cowl Section
  • Modified Frame (Chromoly Backbone, Braces and DCC Rearsteel Loop)
  • Modified Swingarm (Chromoly Sections and Bracing)
  • BlackBox Yoshi 466 Piston Kit
  • Kibbellwhite Valve Train
  • Custom MAC/DCC Exhaust System
  • Progressive Suspension Front & Rear
  • Excel Shouldered Aluminum Rims w/ Metzler Rubber
  • Combination CB400F, CB450 & CB750 Front End w/ YZF Dual Discs
  • Loadedgun Rear Sets & DCC Linkage Kit
  • Keihin CR Race Carburetors
  • Tommaselli Clip-ons
  • Acewell gauge Unit

The team at DCC have done an amazing job of customising this CB and I’m sure most of our readers would be happy to see this beauty parked in their driveway. Five stars from us for this outstanding build.



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