Moto Bellissima at San Francisco airport

If you happen to be flying out of the City by the Bay (San Francisco) before July 2012 be sure to allow your self some extra time before checking in. The Moto Bellissima Motorcycle exhibition currently on display in the airports International Terminal Main Hall is one exhibit any motorcycle loving traveler should not miss.

The exhibition features a dozen classic Italian motorcycles built in the 1950s and 1960s. At a time when Italy was experiencing a boom in motorcycle manufacturing (due to the end of World War II), these motorcycles addressed the need for affordable personal transportation and paved the way for the development of today’s Italian motorcycle industry.

Some of the classic motorcycles on display at Moto Bellissima include the 1951 FB Mondial 125cc Turismo, a ’56 Ducati Meccanica 125cc Gran Sport “Marianna”, the ’68 FB Mondial 48cc Record Sport, ’69 Itom 50cc Astor Super Sport, ’51 FB Mondial 125cc Bialbero Grand Prix and the ’52 Moto Rumi 125cc Competition SS 52 “Gobbetto”.

The display is open until July and is free all visitors to the airport. For more information about the exhibition or the bikes on display visit the San Francisco International Airport website. This could be the only time in your life you’re hoping your flight is delayed.