Ducati Scrambler CR24I Concept

Pure Cafe: Ducati Scrambler CR24I Concept

Since its release in 2015, the Ducati Scrambler has been a resounding success for the Italian marque. When it went on sale the Scrambler came in 7 different styles, all powered by an 803cc v-twin mounted in an iconic Ducati trellis frame. Since then the range has seen several revisions with the latest ‘Next-Gen Freedom Scrambler’ boasting a raft of performance and tech updates. 

Over the past 14 years of production, Ducati has also offered punters several Scrambler model variants. These include bikes with differing engine capacities such as the “beginner bike” Sixty2 Scrambler and larger, higher performance 1100cc models. Along with more dirt-oriented models in the form of the Desert Sled and the Desert X concept which went on to become a stand-alone model outside of the Scrambler family.

Ducati Scrambler 2024 Concept

One of the most unexpected additions to the Scrambler range was the introduction of the rather confusingly named Scrambler Cafe Racer. First appearing in 2017 in John Player-esque black and gold livery, it received a blue and silver theme facelift in 2019. Unfortunately, Ducati ended its production in 2020 leaving their modern retro range lacking anything resembling a cafe racer; but all that could be about to change.

This weekend Ducati lifted the covers off yet another 2 Scrambler-based concepts at the 2024  Bike Shed Moto Show in London. They are the pared-back naked RR24I, which has a look that Ducati says was influenced by post-apocalyptic cinema, and the CR24I which teases the return of a cafe racer-themed model to the Scrambler range.

Ducati Scrambler CR24I Concept

Although the resemblance is hard to pick, the CR24I is supposedly a natural evolution of the previous Scrambler Cafe Racer model. According to Ducati, the CR24I concept was designed in the purest cafe racer style, and, “Its line is inspired by the bikes that made the legend of British venues in the 60s, where enthusiasts challenged each other to complete a lap of the block in the time of a record played on the jukebox.” That’s a story we’ve heard many marketing departments regurgitate to draw a connection between indisputably modern motorcycles and cafe racer history. As cheesy as that may be, we’re happy to fall for it.

Ducati Scrambler CR24I Concept

If it actually goes into production, the CR24I will be the first faired model to bear the Scrambler name. And thankfully, this isn’t just some bikini fairing hung on a stock Scrambler front end. For this cafe racer concept, Ducati has developed all-new bodywork reminiscent of the Pantah and the 750 SS. Sporting angular lines, the neo-retro fairing forms a single construction with the fuel tank itself. Openings in the front end direct air through channels on the sides of the tank and may function as a ram-air system for the engine’s intake.

The rest of the CR24I bodywork consists of discrete side panels and a seat with room enough for one. A removable ‘biposto’ wasp tail cowl that’s devoid of any clutter dominates the rear end. It’s kept clean thanks to a wheel hugger that holds the license plate and rear turn signals.

Ducati Scrambler CR24I Concept

Other cafe racer-influenced design additions to the CR24I come in the form of clip-on handlebars, bar end mirrors, rearward-mounted foot controls, and matching diameter 17-inch cast wheels. For a clean finish, the latest Scrambler TFT dash has been relocated to sit beneath the windscreen.

As for the color, Ducati has returned to a black and gold theme for this Scrambler cafe racer. This time however gold dominates the palette and there are a few red pinstripes and white speed blocks to break things up.

Ducati Scrambler CR24I Concept

The CR24I will undoubtedly also feature all of the latest Scrambler component updates. These include the new Desmodue engine which features a smoother and more compact clutch. A revised ride-by-wire throttle, the latest traction control and ABS systems, comprehensive LED lighting, different ride modes, and an optional quick shifter. Best of all this comes in a package that’s 4 kg lighter than the previous models which promises to make it even more enjoyable to ride.

Let’s not get too excited though. Concepts like this often don’t go into production, but seeing as the current Scrambler lineup lacks variety, a model like this could really help to attract new customers to the Scrambler lifestyle.


Ducati Scrambler CR24I Concept