Return of the Cafe Racers - Alex Earle Ducati Monster Tracker

Alex Earle Ducati Monster Tracker

Welcome to the first Tank Moto/Return of the Cafe Racers collaboration feature. Through my work as Editor-in-Chief on Tank Moto Magazine I will be gaining exclusive access to images and stories from each issue of the magazine. These features are a small sample of the images and stories you will find in each issue of the magazine, so if you like what you see be sure to grab yourself a copy of our Australian made and produced, independent publication here.

Our first Tank Moto feature bike caused a flurry of online excitement back in 2012 when photographer Daniel Simon released a small set of early build images. The Street Tracker styled custom was built by automotive designer Alex Earle on a ’94 Ducati Monster base. It’s as unique as it is well made and will soon be available in kit form…

Alex approached the design of his custom Ducati Monster as he would any automotive project, with a sketch. The aim was to create a bike with horizontal flat tracker proportions, 19” wheels, and a miniscule gas tank that sat lower than the triple clamps. Nothing protruding beyond the fork legs, high wide bars and big, graphic number plates. Next he hand carved a 1:5 scale model from foam, paper and styrene, further developing the design of the bodywork.

Alex enlisted the help of fellow automotive designers and the hi-tech machinery at their disposal to create a 3D model which they used to mill a mold for the bodywork. Fabricator Dennis Hart constructed the exhaust, rear sub frame and a low profile (12 liters) conformal gas tank. An early 80’s Kawasaki wheel sits up front and the rear is a Harley front, widened to accept a Maxxis DTR-1under the guidance of Richard Pollock from Mule Motorcycles.

Fork protectors were fabricated to complete the dirt track look and the original speedo was replaced with a Knog wireless, bicycle computer with 12 functions. A few thousand man-hours later Kenny Oneill laid down the Army green paint while the frame and everything that could be removed from the engine was powder coated.

Alex plans to duplicate the body kit and other components used on this build and will offer them for sale through his new website Earle Motors. For more stunning images and all the full build story grab yourself a copy of the premiere issue of Tank Moto.

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