Sarolea Electric Motorcycles

Sarolea Electric Motorcycles
Campus Solvay, Rue de Ransbeek 310, 1120 Bruxelles, Belgium

Saroléa was the first motorcycle brand in Belgium and a pioneer in the market. The company is built on in-house expertise, racing success and a passion for innovation.

At Sarolea, we are committed to delivering not just clean, but innovative and intelligent technology for the 2-wheel market. We have a unique opportunity to develop performance bikes for use on the roads of tomorrow and it is our mission to launch the ultimate road-legal electric superbike, based on the same intelligent technology, design and performance of our Saroléa race bikes.

The design of our bike is an exercise in efficiency, with a timeless style, inspired by the classic designs in the ’50s but with a powerful and futuristic look. In keeping with the brand’s heritage, Sarolea bikes are still built in-house. Everything, from the chassis and bodywork to the motor, has been developed and produced in-house. This is unique from any other motorcycle manufacturer.

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