Vault BMW R100 Cafe Racer

It’s been a couple of years since I first featured one of Kevin Hills custom builds. Since then under his leadership his Kevil’s Speed Shop has amassed an impressive portfolio of custom BMW’s showcasing everything from sleek Cafe Racers to knobbly tired Scramblers. He’s developed a formula of basic modifications that he applies to each BMW build before they undergo the full custom treatment. One such bike is this BMW R100 Cafe Racer christened ‘Vault’.

So what is this formula I hear you ask? Well it’s no secret. Kevin openly talks about the bespoke touches he applies to each bike on his Kevil’s Speed Shop website. The first might not sound like much, but it adds a classic touch and works as somewhat of a trademark to Kevil’s builds. No matter what year or model each tank is fit with a Monza style filler cap. Second is a custom stainless steel exhaust system designed by Kevils to work on the BMW 77-84 R80/100 motorcycles they use as the basis for their builds. Lastly is a handmade alloy seat. The design is of course defined by the style of the build, but each one is lovingly cut, hammered and rolled by hand.

The BMW R100 based ‘Vault’ was built on request for a Kevil’s customer in the United States (Kevil’s is based in the UK). With a colour scheme inspired by Lamborghini’s grey and the yellow found in Ferrari’s colour palette, the bikes set to become the center piece in the foyer of a Chicago based skyscraper. Thankfully though that’s only during the winter months, in summer it’ll be stretching it’s legs at full throttle around the street of windy city.

This time round the BMW received a 2-into-1 stainless exhaust with a cocktail shaker muffler finished in matte black. A set of RAASK rear set pegs reposition the riders feet to compliment the more aggressive ridingposition defined by the Ace style bars. Hagon shocks provide improved handling over the stock units and a tidy tuck n roll leather seat finishes of the classic Cafe Racer style tail end perfectly.