Bavarian Café BMW R100 LSB

Some people profess to being obsessed by a brand because they own 2 or 3 things said brand has made. Then there’s those people who say they like the brand but in actual fact know more about the brand than most of its employees do. Brandon Mungai “likes” BMW motorcycles. He owns a few and regularly builds pristine Cafe Racers out of them, he contributes to a magazine all about them, is an authorised dealer of big name European and Japanese parts made for them and will happily restore and recondition your BMW if you wanted him to.

At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that this bike is a meticulously maintained Cafe Racer built some 30 years ago but it was completed in early 2013. Named the ‘LSB’ after it’s M3 Laguna Seca Blue paint scheme, the street legal BMW was designed to “capture some of the aura of a genuine road racer” and it sure does! To achieve this Brandon started by overhauling the bikes tired engine from top to bottom. This included Nikasil cylinder honing, a clutch rebuild, new seals and valves and upgrades to the oil flow using Siebenrock components. A set of rebuilt 40mm Bing carbs and a dual cross over exhaust with Hoske silencers then add a bit of extra poke to the R100’s performance.

Rebuilt Brembos manage the braking while suspension was upgraded in the rear with Hagon shocks. The ‘snowflake’ rims were rebuilt and wrapped in Bridgestone BT45’s after being powder coated satin black along with the frame and forks. Stainless steel hardware holds everything in place and Tommaselli clip-ons with Magura grips and vintage Albert bar end mirrors replace the BMW stock steering setup.

The Cafe Racer styling modifications were completed by adding a BMW reproduction Giuliari sports seat imported from Germany, a Flatracer Cafe Racer fairing and the stock BMW fuel tank & fenders painted in that striking BMW M3 Laguna Seca Blue.

With builds as stunning as this rolling out of Brandon’s “Bavarian Cafe” workshop it’s no wonder Japanese BMW specialists (superstars) Ritmo Sereno and renowned Italian parts manufacturer Tommaselli have elected him as a United States based authorised reseller. Be sure to keep an eye on Brandon’s site for a Ritmo Sereno collaboration bike in the near future!