Custom Yamaha SR500 RB Racing

If you happen to be near The Dues Ex Machina store in Camperdown Sydney this week a quick visit is definitely in order. They just taken delivery of this very tidy Yamaha SR500 Cafe Racer built by the guys at RB Racing.

It’s got all the trick bits were accustomed to seeing on motorcycles from Dues like the Peyton Place muffler, Posh indicators, Daytona dials and low profile fenders but it looks a tad more performance focused than usual, which is probably where the RB guys stepped in.

Rather than chunky Firestones this little thumper wears Pirelli front and back, it also sports the drag racing bred FCR 39mm carburettor which is sure to have this SR keeping up with the big boys.

I’m a huge fan of the fairing and paint scheme on this bike but I’m not sure about the decision to go with a 2 up seat. There’s no sign of passenger pegs so single saddle and wasp tail might have been a better option. Either way it’s a lovely example of a custom Yamaha SR500 Cafe Racer and I certainly wouldn’t say no if I was given the option.