Corb Yamaha SR250

Santi García has been contributing to the build portfolio at the Barcelona workshop of La Carono motorcycles for the past few years. After completing his first complete custom build, the La Corona KZ400 (as seen in ‘The Ride‘ book) Santi set out to form his own custom workshop under the name of ‘Corb Motorcycles’. With the support of the La Corona team and some impressive previous builds under his belt, Santi completed his first Corb Motorcycles build, this tidy little Yamaha SR250 Street Tracker.

The donor bike was sourced on eBay by a customer as a completely stock Yamaha SR250. Being new to riding Santi knew he would need to build a bike for his customer that was both practical and easy to ride. To achieve this he started with a basic set of performance modifications. Hagon shocks replaced the spongy stock Yamaha equivalents and chunky on/off road style Dunlop K460’s provide plenty of grip no matter what urban environment the bike is piloted into. A new exhaust from DCC Racing steps up the Db levels to let caged commuters know there’s a bike in their general vicinity, and the addition of a pod style filters adds a bit of low down grunt for faster launches off the line. New handlebars and grips improve the riding position and an extra tough gold chain was added for long term reliability.

Styling changes came in the form of a Tracker-esque all leather custom seat, revised lighting system, mini gauges and a handmade licence plate kit. Santi also bashed out the custom alloy front plate, trimmed down the mudguards and painted the finished product using a perfect balance of silver and satin black paint. As Santi puts it the SR250 now “runs strong to make the rider happy in the city or the the countryside. It’s not a high speed ride, but is very fun to use“. As we venture into a new year of custom motorcycle building Corb Motorcycles will definitely be one of the new workshops to watch.