Japan, Tokyo, OTA-KU, Kitasenzoku, 2 Chome−5, 2-5-3 KITA SENZOKU

We feared motorcycling was losing it soul. We’d watched less and less new riders joining the pursuit and grouting tired of waiting for the manufacturers to offer bikes that stirred the spirit that drew us to riding in the first place. In 2011 we we made motorcycles for ourselves. Our motorcycles are our own. We have motorcycles for our friends. 2013 saw the launch of Speedtractor to any and all who wished for something beyond the mainstream. the fastest and rarely the latest but will always leave you wearing the biggest grin. We are a group of collaborating designers, mechanics, technicians and riders with a vision for creating motorcycles that make you want to ride … everywhere … all the time. We are Speedtractor.

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