Thruxton Cafe Racer “Fabio’s Revenge”

Two bikes in two days finished in beige and numbered 13…crazy!

There’s two kinds of motorcycle entusiast who will never see eye to eye, the purist and the customiser. Purists believe when a motorcycle rolls out of the factory it’s about as good as it gets. Customisers see every bike as an unfinished project, a blank canvas, a beast waiting to be unleashed. Nathan’s a customiser and Fabio (a purist) sold him his bike. You can guess what happened next!

In the winter of November 2011 Nathan was looking for a project to get him through the Tennesse cold/wet season. His good friend Fabio was looking to sell his much loved and immaculately maintained ’05 Thruxton and the deal was done. Little did Fabio know that no sooner than the Thruxton reached Nathan’s garage the custom work would begin.

Starting with the basic performance upgrades the airbox was done away with and a set of K&N Pods were installed. The exposed battery and electrics were relocated to under the seat which opened up the frame and dropped a bit of weight. A set of high pipes from British Customs were next along with exhaust wrap to reduce the temperature between the engine and the pipes (and Nathan’s legs). To get the bike accelerating better Nathan also installed a 520 gear and chain kit and a set of Metzlers to upgrade his grip.

The frame received minor modifications mainly to get rid of the tabs that used to secure the air box, electrics and stock exhausts. The fame and bodywork was custom painted by George Tortarella in NY complete with pin striping and lucky 13 numbering.

“I named the bike “Fabio’s Revenge”. When Fabio finds out I cut the frame, changed the exhaust, removed the airbox and repainted it, he will kill me!!  I had help from a lot of my friends like a guy named Beaver, a man named Mr. Shinn, and a yankee named Tortarelli. Hopefully they can keep Fabio from killing me (he still doesn’t know).”