Return of the Cafe Racers - The Ghost – Triumph Speed Triple

The Ghost – Triumph Speed Triple

On one of my visits to Indonesia in 2015, I met Nicko Eigert the energetic young entrepreneur behind Bali’s Smoked Garage. Nicko’s workshop is quickly becoming one of Indonesia’s top custom workshops with a partner store located in Queensland, Australia. Last year, inspired by the Lotus C0-1 concept Nicko and his team constructed the Smoked Garage ‘Bronco Racer’. Built on a Kawasaki ER6N platform the project challenged them more than any build they’d undertaken before. Constructing a one-of-a-kind full aluminum body, revising frame geometry and designing a bespoke cooling system were just a few of the challenges they overcame. After delivering the Bronco to its new owner in Australia Nicko has been looking for an opportunity to produce another similarly styled motorcycle and 5 short months ago he got his chance.


“We had a client from Perth in Australia contact us after he saw a picture of our Bronco Racer” recalls Nicko. “We started hunting for the right motorcycle to base the bike on, wanting to try a different platform to the Kawasaki. The customer said he wanted a bike with a unique sound and one that would outperform the ER6N. At the time we had another customers Triumph Speed Triple sitting in the workshop and while we were discussing options one of my guys started it up to move it across the workshop. When the sound rang through the building we looked at each other, smiled and knew that was the one.

Once we’d sourced another Speed Triple we moved it into the workshop and didn’t waste any time stripping it down. Then we started from scratch again, using what we’d learned with the Bronco to improve upon this new bike. We started by customizing the frame and making the new triple trees. Next, we put together a new airbox and radiator and added the custom headlight and our unique fork sleeves to the front end.”

“Once again, aiming for the lightest result possible we shaped all of the bodywork from aluminum. Each of the 5 pieces join together with flush mounted bolts for a distinctly aeronautic aesthetic.  Cooling proved to be the biggest issue with the first bike so we revised the front grille and improved the scoops on the sides of the bike to draw in more air around the engine. The mounting of the exhaust was also redesigned to help keep temperatures down.

We created another tail with our custom, integrated LED taillight and mounted a pair of clip on bars and rear set footpegs to position the rider well for open throttle highway blasts.”

“The final finishing touch that really brought the bike to life was the paintwork. After sketching out at least 40 different concepts I was sitting in the shop with a buddy eating burgers when the idea came to me. Straight away we started taping up the body and when we stood back we knew we’d done it. Our Ghost had finally materialised.”


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