Loaded Gun Bonneville Cafe Racer

Cafe Racer TV has continued to spawn top quality Cafe Racers from the workshops being featured in each new series. One workshop that’s now made appearances in all 3 seasons is Loaded Gun Customs from Selbyville, DE and this latest build is the best yet. The Bonneville Cafe Racer named the “72 Mono Racer” has had a full ground up rebuild and one of a kind custom treatment that will undoubtedly  raise eyebrows and induce smiles where ever it goes.

The most notable modifications on the ’72 Mono Racer are the changes to its suspension set up. The Triumphs OIF frame was altered to retro fit a Ducati swing arm and fully adjustable Race Tech GS-3 mono shock. Then at the front end of the bike you’ll find XS650, 35mm forks with Race Tech internals giving this vintage motorcycle handling characteristics that on par with most modern sports bike.

Loaded Gun specialise in machining their own parts so the Mono Racer has it’s fair share of weight saving CNC aluminium components. A custom aluminium fork brace stiffens the forks and matching triple trees and headlight ears complete the ultra clean looking front end; and the Loaded Gun aluminium rear sets improve riding comfort while also allowing for grind free, knee down cornering.
The wheels consist of Avon rubber wrapped around lightweight Aluminum Sun Rims which are laced with Stainless Spokes. Twin Beringer six piston calipers with sintered pads clamp down on iron rotors to provide plenty of stopping power to balance out the improved performance. The Bonnevilles engine was given a new lease with a top end and transmission rebuild, new oil pump and seals, clutches, primary chain and a set of higher performance Mikuni carbs.

The Bonnies alabaster paint scheme is a mix of PPG white and 5 angle pearl. Soda blasted engine cases, polished covers and a selection of nickel plated parts have also gone in to create the look which is for lack of a better word, pristine.

If you’d like the chance to own this bike it’s up for sale on eBay right now. The lucky winner will have a short wait before it’s delivered though. The Loaded Gun team will be adjusting the bikes geometry and spring rates to ensure it will perform to it’s utmost potential with it’s new pilots own dimensions…now that’s a service I’d like to see all motorcycle builders offering!