Custom classics by Heiwa Motorcycles

What is it about the Japanese that allows them to keep producing such original looking custom bikes? The following 3 jaw droppingly good looking bikes are the work of Japanese workshop HEIWA Motorcycles.  They are are three of the most original looking custom builds I’ve seen in some time and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they will be building for this years Mooneyes show.


Who’d have thought baby poo brown could look so good!? It’s low and judging by those muffler free pipes, nice and loud. A gooseneck styled frame, skinny Avon rubber on the front, an oversized rear wheel and the world’s smallest kicker…I’ll take it! 




ONE PEACE Matchless 
Its only been a couple of days since I posted a custom Matchless and to compare this one with the other would be like comparing Angelina Jolie to Aphex Twin. Not to say I didn’t think the last one was great, it was just a completely different approach. The exposed web of sprockets and chains on on the HEIWA ONE PEACE Matchless looks awesome to say the least. But combine that with the snaked exhaust, trick paint job, drilled controls and skinny inverted forks and you’ve got one pretty amazing little bike.




THE GENTLEMAN Norton Model 50 

A Norton like no other. I already find it hard to walk past a stock Norton without stopping but this thing would have me glued to the pavement beside it for hours. Stand out features are the baffled fork covers that resemble a Browning machine gun, the goose neck frame and all the brass fasteners and bolts.



Maybe if I start drinking more Sake I could become a better builder?