Switch & Speed Suzuki GS1000 Highstreet

With a goal of establishing themselves as a premium bike builder, Deni and the Switch & Speed Co. team decided to prove their ability with this, their first project bike. ‘HighStreet’ started out as a stock ’79 Suzuki GS1000 which over the span of one month was transformed into this ultra-minimalist yet chunky, high powered Cafe Racer.

“Switch & Speed Company was established in October 2012 to cater to Motorcycle enthusiasts looking for unique motorcycles”

The bike’s engine which remains internally stock was cleaned and painted in black wrinkle finish and the stock airbox was removed to make way for a set of pancake filters. The frame was chopped at the rear and capped off with custom brass caps to match the other brass detailing on the petcock and bar ends. The tank which is stock was remounted on the frame to create a cleaner line with the custom made tail end which houses the electrics.

Solid rims wrapped in Avon rubber were custom fit to the shaved Harley Davidson front forks and stock Suzuki swingarm. To align the bikes bodywork parallel with the road the fork springs were shortened to match the height of the stock rear shocks. A Harley Davidson also donated the bikes triple trees and control levers. The Switch & Sped team also fabricated the bike’s pegs, custom made tan leather seat and grips before designing and laying the custom paint scheme. What better way to get yourself noticed than to smash one right out of the ballpark…and to have open-ended cans on a 1000cc sportsbike!


The custom motorcycle scene in Malaysia is pumping and with it comes new workshops and an influx of original, world-class custom builds. At the 2012 Kuala Lumpur Bike Show, amongst the thousands of visitors and bikes who attended and competed, this custom Suzuki GS1000 by Switch & Speed Company took out first prize for best Cafe Racer. Not a bad effort for the ‘new kids on the block’!