Return of the Cafe Racers - Espresso Racer smallframe Vespa

Espresso Racer smallframe Vespa

The way I see it the Mods had it all wrong. If they put their money into engine performance rather than mirrors, foxtails and Parkas, they may have been able to give the Rockers a run for their money around the back streets of London. I may be missing the point all together but personally, this is where I see the fun in scooters and I’m not the only one. This is the Espresso Racer a heavily modified small frame Vespa by the crew at Scooter & Service in Hamburg.

Starting out with a base model which would have been lucky to produce 10hp the S&S team have increased power output by more than 300% to 31hp at the rear wheel. To achieve this they used the cylinder from an Aprilia RS125 bored to 57mm, a 54mm stroke Mazzucchelli crank, 35mm PWK Keihin carb and one of their custom made performance exhausts. To cope with the extra power the Vespas handling has been improved with a Malossi/Bitubo shock set up and the rear brakes are fully hydraulic 4 piston radials in the rear and an S&S custom disc set up at the front.

What really makes this scooter rock though is the paint scheme. An all black matte finish covers the entire bike with a few chrome highlights in the trim and braided hoses. The red digital dash also adds a touch of bad ass as do the fat 3 inch tires holding it to the road and the ventilated front end that feeds air to the radiator.

The S&S custom Cafe Racer style seat means passengers aren’t an option, but why would you want to sacrifice any of the power this Vespa now packs. Judging by from the photos and the impressive list of parts and performance figures I’m pretty sure this little scoot wouldn’t have any problems taking on the guy in the video below or even a few of the smaller capacity Cafe Racers I’ve featured on the site before!

If you dig the look of the Espresso Racer take a look at these other custom Vespas in the S&S portfolio. Maybe I need scooter for my morning paper run?






Scooter & Service     /     Photos by Matthias Dahl

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