Born Motor Co Monohull Scrambler

The Monohull Tracker is one of the 8 custom models currently available in the Born Motor Co. range. The donor for the build was imported from China as a Pioneer 125 which utilises a Japanese built Suzuki engine as its powerplant. Marc used his knowledge of this engine to first apply some basic power upgrades which he knew the engine could manage without compromising its reliability. A Supertrapp exhaust was then added for performance and audible improvements and tucked high in the rear to match the bikes Tracker theme.

Inspiration for the build came from manufacturers the Spanish duo grew up seeing their parents ride. Manufacturers like Montesa, Bultaco and Ossa all played a part in influencing the design, but above all it was the 1974 Bultaco Lobito Trail bike that has the biggest impact. The monocoque body on the Monohull is a fiberglass reproduction of the Lobito’s original bodywork design which was mounted to the Pioneer by modifying the frame. New tank mounts in the front and a revised tail hoop saw the bodywork sitting neatly in place and a custom made under tray creates a dirt free space to hide the bikes battery and electrical components.

The front fender was removed and a more stylish headlight, compact speedometer and neat little arched headlight shield fashioned using the geometry behind Gaudí’s catenary archways was added…magnífico! A completely new, waterproof seat was designed to follow the lines of the bodywork and an aluminium bash place was added to protect the engine against hard knocks. LED’s provide the light for the indicators and tail light and braided lines deliver fluid to the front and rear “petal disc” brakes. Upside down forks were also used to improve handling and chunky rubber for occasional off-road adventures.

The black and white paint scheme was the final touch and while it looks great in these shots it’s due to be updated soon. You see this build was done on a tight timeframe, 15 days to be exact, which as you can imagine doesn’t leave much time for finessing finishes. The bike first appeared at the “On Days Like These” exhibit in Barcelona alongside builds from other local workshops like our friends at Adhoc and La Carona.

With the show out of the way the Monohull has been refined and tested and is ready to be produced as a limited run custom, which is sure to sell out fast with all the attention the bikes getting. It’s a classically styled, thin and light bike with just enough grunt to keep a solid grin on your face. Who wouldn’t want one!?

After 3 years working for motorcycle manufacturers in Shanghai, Marc and his wife Marta returned to their home in Barcelona, Spain to pursue a dream. Leveraging their knowledge of the motorcycle industry and their contacts in the east the two launched their own motorcycle brand under the name of Born Motor Co. Now 2 years later, using donor bikes imported from Chinese manufacturers, Born Motor Co. produces a series of over-the-counter custom builds that in their own words are “high quality deconstructed, limited edition motorcycles for everyday use and unlimited fun!”.