Royal Enfield SG650 Cruiser concept

EICMA 2021 Modern Classic – The Royal Enfield SG650 concept

The release of the Royal Enfield 650 twins has been a huge success for the Indian manufacturer. It was only a matter of time before we saw the acclaimed parallel-twin utilised in another format and at EICMA 2021 that time finally came.

According to Royal Enfield Chief of Design Mark Wells, their goal with the SG650 was, “To build a unique concept motorcycle that pays homage to Royal Enfield’s rich history of custom motorcycles, but one that wasn’t encumbered by the past. A neo-retro interpretation that pushes the boundaries of what a Royal Enfield motorcycle could look like, but at its core still celebrating that iconic Royal Enfield DNA.”

The Royal Enfield SG650 is a brutish looking cruiser covered in both classic and distinctly modern details. To us, it looks like the brands attempt to take on Triumph’s hugely successful Bobber – and if it does make it to production, it’s sure to be an appealing alternative to the heady Hinkley. That’s because Royal Enfield has proven that their 650 twin is a great engine both in performance and reliability. Sure it may not have the same punch as the Bobber’s 1200cc powerplant, but it’ll still do the ton and honestly, what more do you need?

Like the Interceptor and Continental GT, the SG650 will also benefit from Enfield’s relationship with Harris Performance who worked wonders with the 650 twins chassis and suspension. Then there’s the price. We can’t tell you what it is as yet, but based on other models in Royal Enfield’s range you can rest assured it’ll be significantly cheaper than the Triumph.

Since this particular bike is, for now, just a concept it features many details that would probably be made differently should it go into production. These include a fuel tank that’s been CNC machined from a solid block of aluminium, machined alloy rims with integrated ABS and bespoke brake callipers.

Other details on the Royal Enfield SG650 we’d love to see make it to a production bike are the underslung bar end mirrors, machine headlight surround which bolts straight to the triple clamps, alloy switch blocks, twin rear shocks and those sexy machined alloy LED indicators.

Royal Enfield finished the SG650 concept for EICMA 2021 in a striking “digital transformation” paint scheme. It does a great job of making a statement but we’d love to see the bike dressed in something a bit more timeless and classic. No hints have been dropped regarding the SG650 pricing or production dates yet but we’ll be listening out with great anticipation.


EICMA 2021 neo retro modern classic