Vintage motorcycle jacket sale

If you’re in Melbourne this Sunday (1st of July) and you’re on the look out for a Cafe Racer or classically styled leather motorcycle jacket you won’t want to miss this. As part of the opening of Chops ‘N’ Bobbers 5 at the Kustom Lane Gallery (8 Luton Lane, Hawthorn) there will be a huge vintage motorcycle jacket sale. More images after the jump…

Imported from Europe these 60’s, 70’s and 80’s classic leather motorcycle jackets will be selling for between $120 to $150 each (!!!) with extra discounts for anyone wishing to buy in bulk. There’s also some full racing leathers available so you can really look the part at the next vintage race meet.

If you’re not in Melbourne and you’d be interested in getting your hands on a jacket like these post a comment below. We are currently considering international sales and would like to hear your thoughts.


Sunday July 1st, Kustom Lane Gallery, Melbourne