Riding Gear – Iron and Resin Ridgemont Riding Shoes

“We’re not so naive as to believe that we’re inventing a category here, but we do think we’re jumping pretty far out in front of a category that’s sorely lacking in style. But rest assured, we’re not stopping at making shoes that look cool. No, we’ve endeavored to create a very special pair of shoes with some real riding functionality built in.”

Ridgemont have taken one of their best selling designs, the streetwear styled ‘Outback’ hiking boot, and asked the Iron & Resin team to incorporate essential safety elements of a motorcycle boot into it. The Outback Riding shoes feature a 2.5mm thick Horween leather outer construction with heavy duty lace D-rings. On the inside, you’ll Vari-flex Bi-Fit composite lasting board that is designed to add rigidity to the sole for riders of kickstart bikes. Around the ankle is a Nylon Malleolus protector and the heel features thermal plastic armour. For longevity and additional strength, the shoe’s toe cap has extended back to include the shifting zone.

Interestingly, Iron & Resin and Ridgemont aren’t claiming their boots are for everyone. Instead, they’ve put together the chart below so discerning customers can see judge whether the Outback Riding Shoes are suitable for their needs. The Outback Riding Shoe project is currently seeking backing on Kickstarter and has already reached the halfway mark. Backers can enjoy a 45% discount over the proposed retail price of the boots along with a few other rewards such as t-shirts and keychains.

It seems that 2017 is all about collaborations with yet another co-op riding gear development. This time around Southern Californian moto clothing and lifestyle brand ‘Iron & Resin’ have teamed up with outdoor footwear experts ‘Ridgemont’ to create the ‘Outback Riding Shoe‘. Available in either black or brown colourways the Outback Riding Shoe is a kicks style “sneaker” designed with both fashion and rider safety in mind.