King of the Cafe Racers limited edition t-shirt

Living in Malaysia and working as a colourist on projects like Hasbro’s animated Transformers series, Hafidz is an accomplished fine artist. He finds inspiration in the work of artists like Makoto Endo and Shinya Kimura and describes his own style as using ‘radical lines’ which is evident in the work you’ll find on his Instagram account.

When we approached Hafidz we gave him a brief of simply ‘King of the Cafe Racers’. The comic book illustration we came back to us with depicts his own interpretation of those word featuring riders dressed in classic Rocker gear, racing neck and neck through clouds of smoke and dirt on their vintage cafe racers.

To purchase your own King of the Cafe Racers t-shirt visit the 100MPH store where you can pre-order one now. A very limited run of 100 t-shirts will be printed with Hafidz bold design screen printed on the chest and his signature on the back collar. Be quick as they are selling out fast.

Here at Return of the Cafe Racers we have a huge appreciation for creativity. Whether it’s a beautifully built custom motorcycle or a slick illustration of one. Today we are announcing a very special collaboration which will be the first in a series for 2017. We’ve teamed up with talented illustrator and motorcycle enthusiast Hafidz Musa to produce this limited edition t-shirt we call “King of the Cafe Racers”.