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Riding Gear Review – Akin Moto Hurricane Hoodie

A few months ago I wrote an article about the MotoMAX Royal Enfield 650 Scrambler. It was created to fill a gap in the market that MotoMAX and the team were tired of waiting for. This is a very similar story, but it’s about motorcycle apparel instead of a particular bike.

Biker on a motorcycle wearing the Akin Moto Hurricane hoodie

Max Duff, a fellow Australian, is the main protagonist of today’s story. He is the man behind Akin Moto, a riding gear brand based out of Burleigh Heads, Queensland. Akin stocks a well-curated motorcycle apparel collection for the rider who wants top-notch protection and style for a reasonable price. One of their latest creations is the Hurricane Motorcycle Hoodie.

Before you get your clutch cable in a tangle, no, this isn’t just a black hoodie. Not only is the softshell, water-resistant outer packing a 210gsm Kevlar liner, but it’s also got pockets for elbow, shoulder and back armour. The YKK AquaGuard zippers and the two internal pockets are also water-resistant and there is a mesh liner between the rider and the kevlar layer.

Detail photo of the Akin Moto Hurricane Hoodie motorcycle jacket zip mechanism

I’ve had the Hurricane hoodie since December 2021. That was smack bang in the middle of summer here in Australia. Not ideal for a winter jacket but hey, it was winter somewhere in the world. My first time wearing the Hurricane was in my air-conditioned office and it only took me a few minutes to get a sweat up.

Portrait photo of a person sitting on a motorcycle wearing an Akin Moto Hurricane Hoodie

It was one of the hottest summers that I could recall in recent years so unfortunately, the Hurricane was designated to my wardrobe for a while. My bike jackets are organised from Summer to Winter in order of breathability and waterproofness (don’t @ me). This meant the Hurricane sat neglected for months, between my Enginehawk Predator and my older, fully waterproof Rev’It Melville. Thankfully, it’s getting a lot cooler so I’ve been able to put the Hurricane through its paces.

Driving home the point that this is a cold-weather jacket is the lycra wrist gaiters integrated into the sleeves. It’s the first thing I noticed when I put the Hurricane on. I’ve never had a jacket with wrist gaiters and I have to say, I like them. They are super comfortable and together with the velcro wrist closures, they stop the wind from getting up your sleeves.

Detail photo of the Akin Moto Hurricane Hoodie wrist closure

The Hurricane features a longer, slightly tailored fit. My size L was not slim by any means, just nicely fitted. I’m on the shorter side so the extra length allows me to sit on the tail of the jacket which is cut slightly longer than the front. That does mean that the Hurricane bunches up around the zip in the front but it keeps your derriere dry on damp days. Again, not a deal-breaker and if you’re slimmer than me it won’t be an issue. The sleeves are the perfect length for riding and somehow, they don’t feel too long off the bike. I don’t know how Max and the team have managed to pull off this tailoring wizardry but I appreciate the attention to detail.

The two exterior pockets are roomy and they’re the perfect spot to warm cold hands on a frosty day. They are traditional hoodie pockets without zippers so I can’t recommend keeping anything too valuable inside them when you’re riding. Those valuables are best stored in the two water-resistant pockets on the inside of the jacket.

Detail photo of the Akin Moto Hurricane Hoodie internal water-resistant pocket

Together with the full kevlar lining, there are pockets for armour in the elbows, shoulders and back. The armour is sold separately and to be honest, this is my only gripe with the Hurricane Hoodie. I prefer to hit the road (hopefully not literally) with a full suite of protection but I understand that not everyone is this way inclined. By not including the armour, Akin can sell the Hurricane for $259.95AUD which is a great price, considering the fit, finish and all the features you get.

I’ve now worn the Hurricane hoodie in all sorts of weather conditions – from sudden downpours to full winter sun. I seem to run hotter than most so when the forecast is sunny and above 22ºC, so on those days opt for a more ventilated jacket. Anything under that temperature and the Hurricane is perfect. It’s so warm that I’ve been able to get away with just a t-shirt underneath, no thermal layer or jumper.

Detail photo of the Akin Moto Hurricane Hoodie internal comfort liner

When I’ve been out in the rain the Hurricane has not only kept me warm, it’s kept me dry. I only tested the Hurricane in light rain but I found it well-suited to the mild winters of Western Australia. For serious protection from the elements, Akin recommends their Alpha 3.0 jacket which Geoff, our editor in chief, has tested in a torrential downpour.

Akin also chose to delete the drawstring pulls found on most hoodies. They have the tendency to flap around in the wind, slapping your helmet so it’s good that Akin designed them out. As for the hood itself, it hasn’t been an inconvenience in any way.  It’s not removable and there’s no way to fasten it down but in over 500km of use, I’ve never felt it blowing around.

Portrait photo of a person wearing a helmet and an Akin Moto Hurricane Hoodie

Who is the Hurricane Hoodie for? If you like quality, feature-rich, protection-heavy moto garments that don’t break the bank then you’ll love the Hurricane. If you shy away from huge logos and bright colours, the Hurricane has you covered there as well. Whether you’re commuting to the office or doing weekend trips away, the Hurricane will see you through it all.

Back detail photo of a man wearing an Akin Moto Hurricane Hoodie

Available from: AKIN MOTO

Review by Ben Pilatti from Regular Moto.

Photos courtesy of Jeremy Hammer at Hammer Creative