Saint Unbreakable Jacket review

Riding Gear Review: Saint Unbreakable Shearling Denim Jacket

Shearling collar jackets have been making bold fashion statements for decades. During the 1930s, the style was commonly used in the military by fighter pilots. Then in the 1950s Shearling collars started appearing in mainstream fashion thanks to Hollywood appearances. Big-name stars like Marlon Brando, Robert Redford and in more recent years Tom Cruise have all donned shearling jackets on the silver screen. And now the Saint Unbreakable Shearling collar jacket brings this iconic style to the world of motorcycling.

Saint Unbreakable Jacket review

The Unbreakable Shearling collared jacket isn’t just about looking good. The team at Saint are dedicated to rider safety and as a result, this denim motorcycle jacket offers a AA safety certification when loaded with armour.

On its own, the Shearling Unbreakable jacket has a B-grade safety rating thanks to the protective attributes of the material used in its construction. Similar to the Saint Unbreakable Jeans the jacket is constructed from denim that uses a unique blend of UHMWPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) and cotton. The resulting abrasion-resistant denim boasts a 6-second slide time and steadfast burst resistance.

If you want the peace of mind that comes with AA certification, Saint has incorporated armour pockets into the design of this jacket. Inside you’ll find a mesh liner with pockets designed to accommodate D30 Ghost armour on the shoulders and elbows and D30 Viper back armour in the rear. The added benefit of using the D30 armour in a jacket of this style is its svelte proportions. With the armour installed its presence is barely noticeable to the wearer and onlookers, so it doesn’t detract from the overall appearance of the jacket.

It’s worth noting the armour isn’t included in the $600 AUD price tag but Saint does offer it in their online store so it can be purchased at the same time.

Saint Unbreakable Jacket review

When it comes to appearance you’ll be hard-pressed to find another motorcycle jacket this style that looks quite so good. Symmetrical pockets on the chest and vertical panelling create a smart casual look that’ll look right at home at a bar with friends. Saint branding is limited to a small embroidered label on one chest pocket. The Saint winged emblem appears on the opposite pocket and is embossed onto the jacket’s various buttons.

The stand-out feature of this jacket, the shearling collar, is made from faux lambswool and feels soft against the skin. Included in the price of the jacket is both a white and black version of the shearling collar which can be swapped using buttons concealed within their design. Depending on the look you’re after you can switch between the 2 or you can opt to remove it altogether to expose the standard denim collar beneath.

Saint has clearly considered rider comfort during the design of this jacket. The sleeves have plenty of length to keep your wrists covered when your arms are outstretched. They’ve also extended the base of the rear of the jacket to prevent your lower back from being exposed. To fine-tune the fit you get 2-position fasteners on the waist and wrists.

Saint Unbreakable Jacket review

Due to the characteristics of the Unbreakable denim and the lack of a wind flap behind the main closure this riding jacket is best suited to Summer/Spring riding. As I’ve mentioned in other Saint gear reviews the UHMWPE lined denim feels cool to the touch. It also cools well when there’s a breeze so despite the black finish you’re not going to cook on a hot summer’s day.

My major, and probably only, gripe with the design of the Saint Unbreakable Shearling Jacket regards the buttons. Each one features a rubber coating. While it makes sense to do this on buttons that sit close to paintwork, it renders them harder to use. This can be annoying when you’re trying to get going in a hurry, but it’s first-world problem I’ve learnt to live with.

The biggest benefit of this jacket is how well it transitions between riding duties and everyday streetwear. At $600 AUD ($400 USD) the Saint Unbreakable Shearling Denim Jacket is a premium purchase, but looking this good while staying safe doesn’t come cheap.

Available from: SA1NT

Saint Unbreakable Jacket review